30th Jan 2007, 09:28

Two weeks worth of driving and this is a great car?

And in America we get the cheaply built Mexican stuff, so you really can't compare it to true European models.

Let's see the original poster come back in a year and/or 15K miles or so. We'll get to here the long litany of dealers that don't care, problems that won't go away, and so on. Then when he tries to sell it he'll find that no one wants it.

30th Jan 2007, 09:47

Your car doesn't have DSG; it's just a six-speed tiptronic.

Also, don't let the negative reviews sway you; if you're leasing the car, you will know as well as anyone if you want to buy it out! :)

30th Jan 2007, 11:23

I am in the same boat- 5000 miles on my new Jetta TDI. I have spoken with a number of owners and some have had problems and others have had none whatsoever. I wasn't going to get a VW. Then I drove the diesel and have not looked back. I don't think you buy a VW for reliability, although most are reliable, you get one because you really like to drive. If you want that kind of car, you would get a Honda or Toyota. Data suggest that current Japanese cars are not so much more reliable anyhow. I also think people in general have high expectations and little understanding of the complexity of these machines. Also, we have an '03 Honda and I have driven a lot of Toyotas and this VW is a superior driving experience. Not even close.

30th Jan 2007, 15:42

I am very pleased with my 2006 TDI. I have even tried bio-diesel and found it runs just as well as on the petroliatum version. I only have 10,000 miles on the car, but at this time I have had zero complaints and zero problems. VW does not recommend using bio-diesel beyond b5 but I have used B100 with no apparent problem. I would recommend this car to anyone. I have met other VW owners at the bio-diesel station and many have over 100,000 miles with no trouble.

3rd Feb 2007, 21:03

In response to the comment left about "cheaply-built" Mexican VWs; keep in mind that every single Jetta in the world starting with the A5 platform (2005.5 and later) is sourced from the VW plant in Puebla, Mexico. All Jettas and New Beetles are made at that factory. Even ones destined for Europe. Golfs/Rabbits are made in Wolfsburg. Either way, both cars are made to German standards, using German machinery, so it doesn't matter. And I'll bet you didn't know that the Puebla factory won a quality award, that none of Volkswagen's German plants won?

4th Feb 2007, 01:31

You right, it doesn't have DSG. Oh well, probably an over-priced expensive feature I don't really need anyway. As far as for the comment about "only 500 miles and he already claimed it a great car", yeah... it is, so far. I just want to see some other people post some more reviews on the 2007 Jetta, since I am the only one so far.

I'm not as concerned about the price of repairs and maintenance on VW's, more afraid of the frequency of needing those MAJOR repairs.

6th Feb 2007, 15:41

I began a lease on a 2007 Jetta Wolfsburg in December. I live in Los Angeles, and that means I spend a lot of time in my car. I couldn't be happier with this choice. Each day I drive a 12 mile windy road through a mountain range and get a truly wonderful driving experience. The interior is a pleasant place to be for a couple of hours each day, and I've yet to get bored with it. I have the six speed automatic, and while the regular economy mode is a bit sluggish, the sport mode more than makes up for it.

Fuel economy is the only area I'm disappointed with. For a car of it's size, I feel it's a bit unimpressive. Though it is fair to say that I drive up and over the Santa Monica Mountains every day, that may have something to do with it. You also have to understand that my last car was an Acura Integra, which by nature are superior in fuel economy, but lack the performance and handling.

Overall, the experience of leasing this car has far surpassed my expectations.

6th Feb 2007, 22:47

I agree with the poor MPG. In 80% city 20% highway I am seeing only about 18-19mpg. I don't know if this is due to the car having less than 1000 miles on it, or the constant single degree temps, even negatives some days. I tend to warm my car up about 5-10 minutes about half of the time before I drive it and run the drivers side seat warmer all the time, so both could be why I am seeing the poor fuel economy. My previous car was a 1996 honda civic and I was getting 28+mpg city and 40mpg highway, not as fun to drive though. Hopefully once spring and summer hits, I will start seeing about 25mpg. Time will tell.

12th Feb 2007, 21:56

The economy of the car will get better as the engine breaks in, and especially so after the 1st oil change at 5,000 miles. Also, you should never warm up a new car by letting it idle 5-10 minutes. This not only wastes gas, it also increases wear on the engine because it is running cold for longer. Rather you should start it, wait 30 seconds or so, and drive off SLOWLY with a light foot on the accelerator. Once the temperature gauge starts to move up, you can accelerate faster.

16th Feb 2007, 12:21

Thanks for the advice on the fuel economy. I'm at 2700 miles so I have a little way to go before my first oil change; really encouraging news. Even if I were to get 2 or 3 more MPG that would make me happy.

I've heard similar advice against idling the car more than a minute or so when it's cold. It's all about being gentle on the engine while it's warming up... and to get it warmed up as soon as possible. There's a happy medium.

23rd Feb 2007, 12:31

We purchased a 2007 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition, 5 Spd 1/20/2007. Our previous car was a 1995 Acura Intergra GSR 5-Spd VTEC. So far have 1k miles of mostly city driving and I love it. We have 3 girls ages 2, 6 and 8 who fit in the back of the Wolfsburg no problem with their 3 cars seats. (Could not do that in the Integra) The large trunk space is awesome and we love the little T-handled bag carrier in the trunk, wish there was two. We home school so with dance, shopping, tutors, birthday parties, etc... I'll take the Jetta anyday over some hulkin SUV that would get 1/2 the advertised 22 MPG city of the Jetta. We do 90% city, 10% highway and get the exact advertise MPG of 22/30. Acura wanted 33k+ USD for similar car w/o all the nice stuff inside, that the Wolfsburg has standard. I've driven in Germany and I'd be happy to take this VW down some of the twisting roads going down from the Hunsruck Hundstrasse, to the Mosel river near Traben Trarbuch (~60km south of Koblenz). VW, thanks for sending this Domestic Engineer back in time w/o having to travel, for a good price. {Folks, don't make the mistake and not purchase the 7 year 100k complete coverage for your 2007 VW Jetta Wolfsburg.}