12th Jul 2007, 13:27

Alright, look I hate when people talk crap about this car. This is a amazing car and I have had little problems with it. Some are the same, but it's stuff that is in the manual that needs to be changed after a certain mileage. OK the idle prob is the turbo warming up. On cold start a turbo is cold, so by not letting it warm up, you are getting turbo lag. That weird pulling is the turbo lag. Let your car sit while that car is idling high. After the turbo is warmed up, you will notice a drop in the idle; wait about 15 seconds after that and your car will run fine.

29th Jul 2008, 13:13

It sounds to me like you better check your wire harness and computer; that's what happened to me, the failing coils and engine heat put too much strain on the electrics I had a neuspeed chip and I had to lose it because of it. The major things that go wrong in this car are the mass air flow sensor, the exhaust, oxygen sensors, coils (most common) and the cat. Once you replace those you've got a great start to an awesome tuner car.

7th Feb 2010, 13:58

I got VW Wolfsburg less than a year ago, changed all 4 coils, timing belt, both windows rack, temperature sensor and oxygen sensor.

Check engine light kept coming on and off for the first 6 months until I changed the place where I had my car fixed, and now it runs perfectly.

I love this car; once you fix the little flaws (less than $800 for all of it) you won't have any problems as long as you keep a good maintenance of your car.

Read the other comments; warm your engine up before leaving, and not only for VW, it's good for all cars.

5th Jul 2010, 16:51

I have a 2001-02 Jetta, all 2002 drive train. Recently I replaced the alternator battery, 4 coils, O2 sensor, radiator thermostat. When I start from cold in the mornings, it usually takes a few times for the car to stay running, and I also have little to no throttle upon start. I have no codes, but I have a vacuum leak somewhere I cannot find. Any thoughts on what would cause this?

27th Aug 2010, 18:53

The strange idle is from the secondary air pump trying to decrease your emissions on start up. It will sometimes kick on a few times only when the car is at a dead stop until the coolant reaches a certain temp. There is nothing wrong with your car, it's supposed to do that.

23rd Nov 2010, 22:35

I love my Wolfsburg and have had similar problems as everyone else. I have about 140000 miles so it's expected.

I've had the recirculation valve, thermostat and spark plugs replaced at 80000 miles.

I took it to the dealership about a month ago, and found out there were three recalls: replacement coils (continuous misfiring), something with the sunroof, and fix the brake light from intermittingly not working.

The check engine light has been on probably since 100000 miles, and sometimes turns off, but always turns back on. Two separate mechanics I've gone to can't explain why. One mechanic said he thinks it's because I need the oxygen sensor replaced.

The trunk latch has “broken” twice. I paid to have it fixed the first time, second time I looked it up and did the fix myself – super easy! Here’s the link (pictures included) …


It turned out the trunk latch wasn't even broken, the spring just became unlatched.

The car is currently misfiring again (only a month after being at the dealership). I took it to the dealership again, and they said I need a new mass airflow sensor - $400, and possibly a oxygen sensor - $240 (I figured it needed this from before). I looked up what you have to do to replaced the MAS, and it doesn't look too difficult. The price is around $50-$70 on amazon.com. I've also found some websites say all you have to do is soak the MAF sensor in alcohol and it fixes the problem. I might just end up buying a new one and trying to install myself if soaking doesn't work….

Anyone have experience with this?

7th Feb 2011, 01:44

Buy the parts yourself, and it is gonna be cheaper to change the O2 sensor. It's easy to do it, check youtube. You have to see the family engine of the Jetta has a code AWW AVW, something like that, so if you're gonna buy parts, you need this information, because I changed an O2 sensor, and I paid 85 dollars, and it was the expensive one, so do your thing and enjoy your 1.8 turbo. Or you know what, Spanish mechanics are cheaper and better.

14th Oct 2011, 09:54

I bought my 1.8 new in 01. It now has 244,890 miles, runs like new, very fast. I drive it every day, and cannot find a car to replace it with, well unless I spend 100k or more.

This is the best car Volkswagen has ever made. I am thinking of changing the suspension, it is great, but I want to play a little. Hey, it's not the fastest, but it can be made to go a lot faster for a small amount of change, and it handles like a super car, well almost.

Great car, and the wheels look like new.

20th Oct 2014, 00:20

You should check your crank shaft sensor and get a new fuel pump. The most common vacuum leaks on this car are the Y shape hose that connects from the valve cover to the crank case; they tend to crack and wear out; you should get silicone hoses.