1993 Volkswagen Passat from North America


Horrible money pit


Heater broke at 40,000 miles.

Sunroof broke at 50,000.

Auto trans broke at 60,000 and not fixable - it's computer controlled, and very expensive and complicated. This year of VW Passat is a lemon.

Dealer service beyond bad. Very few independent shops that will work on late model water cooled VWs in Southern California.

General Comments:

Fun when I first bought it, and quickly became a nightmare. I will avoid VWs of all types from now on.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2006

1993 Volkswagen Passat GLX vr6 6 cylinder from North America


Elegant and ritzy with money


First got it with needed new ignition switch, 3 pieces. took about $400 with labor and parts. then eats oil up at about a 1000 miles, had oil change with full tank of oil, and almost burned out engine. check for oil. water hose broke, needed to replace, or use proxy patch for leak, may increase engine temperature. good as long as its stable or below 240. door handle broke, replaced with new screw. sunroof broken off track, can can Dclose manually by pulling on metal while closing on the track. window tilts inward on passenger side, may need new regulator. can take the keys out while car is in drive sometimes, parked, as soon as you put keys back in its moving, dangerous if you put keys in and quickly get out of car to check engine. always check antifreeze level. smoke from any part of heater hose is climate control, but antifreeze connection makes matters more serious. can't tell if previous owner did not maintain it or not, but is rare car, but parts are available if you look or order. a bit expensive to maintain, but a car with a 50000 dollar look with some nice wheels, maintenance, and a fresh paint job if you got the money. could be a lot cheaper if your get the parts yourself and maintain it and replace it ahead of time to keep it up to date. BMW competition if upgraded for half the price with the full look in its own way. You can HAve THE INDIGLO RACING GUAGES INSTALLED, can see the blue glow from 3 blocks away with tints, if thats you. nice look.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2006

1993 Volkswagen Passat vr6 2.8L from North America


I think the V.W. would have done better


Paint started to wear out.

Coolant hose burst.

Ac compressor went out costing S1,400.

Temperature guage does not work.

Seats heater doesn't work.

Ac fan broke.

Ac switch panel broke.

It came with a wrong spare tire.

Sun roof broke.

Rear view mirror fell during adjustment.

Sometimes the car just turns off while driving.

General Comments:

I think the car is not a good model, It's easy to handle and fast, but it's not a very strong car.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2004

1993 Volkswagen Passat vr6 V6 from North America


Terrible Car


Dead Battery.

3 new batteries in 2 years.

2 weeks in VW dealership.. they could not solve the electrical problems.. Their quote to me the last time I was their.." this model year was known to be quirky"

Mass Airflow Sensor went out $450 new. $225 used.

Replace Heater Core $500 parts and Labor.

Had to jump over 100 times in 3 years.

General Comments:

I will never buy a VW again.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2004

23rd Jun 2004, 22:59

I currently own a '93 Passat GLX VR6 and I have to disagree with this negative review. Sure, I have had a few problems, i.e., ft. passenger door handle sticks, catalytic converter had a rattle that developed into a hole, ignition switch that has multiple personalities (sometimes she go, sometimes no), but I must say that overall I am pleased. My VeeDub has approx. 130,000 miles when I got her, but good golly, miss molly, she STILL gets up and goes!!! I have owned 6 vehicles in my 12 years of driving, ranging from compact cars to luxury vans, and I have never found a more pleasant driving experience. The VW ads say "Drivers Wanted", and until I owned one, it never made sense to me. But now I know. She sticks to the road in the wettest, tightest curves; she throws me in the back seat at take off if I want her to; she doesn't cost me an arm and a leg in gas. Parts are hard to find and EXPENSIVE in my little one horse town, but I will never own anything, but a VW again!!! (If there is a God, I will get a '00 VW Jetta GTi)

You must have gotten a ride that had been mistreated. Get your Passat some counseling and a massage (inside and out), and then get ready for the best relationship a human and a machine can have!!! Harold W.