2002 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 from North America


A great car if you don't mind the headache of it being in the shop often


After having the car for approximately 6 months, I had an emissions valve replaced.

2 months later the car had to be towed to the dealer and have some ignition coils replaced.

1 week later the malfunction indicator light was on again and upon calling the dealer, I was informed that they were not authorized to change ALL of the ignition coils and that some more had probably gone bad. The car was again towed to the dealer. I explained to the dealer that I did not feel that, since this was the third time in 6 months the car was in the shop, I should be inconvenienced by missing work or being without transportation. This comment gave the service manager a bad attitude toward me and she basically wanted nothing to do with me from this point on.

The dealership was also not happy with me calling to find out what was the matter with the car this time. After finally being told it was being looked at and promised to get a call back within 30 minutes, I was called back 3 hours later and told the car was ready to be picked up. I asked what had been done and the girl really didn't know other than a valve had been replaced and it was then test driven.

When I picked it up that night, I again inquired what was done and was read word for word what the receipt said. I could have done that myself and I still didn't know what a purge valve is or what it's function is.

General Comments:

It's a shame I've had these problems with my car because I truly love it when it is performing correctly. The dealership I bought it from has been completely useless and unsympathetic.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2003

5th Feb 2004, 20:40

Regarding the 2 coil packs you had go out, I also had the same experience with my 2001.5 Passat. When the 2nd one went out, I begged and pleaded with VW to replace the remaining 2 in the 1.8T engine, but the VW customer care advocate indicated that VW would only replace faulty coil packs. I indicated that I also had started a new job, and couldn't afford to keep taking time off of work.

Finally I spoke to the service advisor where I had originally bought the car (in another state) who recommended that I try to speak with the VW (Field Operations Manager) F.O.M. for VW service about getting the remaining coil packs replaced. Luckily, I found a dealership who got authorization, under these sorts of circumstances, to replace the remaining, functional coil packs if a customer really wanted it.

2002 Volkswagen Passat GLS 1.8T from North America


Unreliable, too many problems for a new car


The controls on the steering wheel did not work. The steering wheel had to be replaced.

The radio, Monsoon system, was completely dead for a while and then it could not stay on any station. The stations kept changing, without control. It would stay on a station for 5-10 seconds and skip to another. This was also fixed.

Now there is a problem with the coil, the car had to be towed to the dealer. Since the part is not in stock, the car has to stay at the dealers for a while.

General Comments:

This car was fun to drive at the beginning, till the problems started.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2003

9th Apr 2007, 16:09

We, too, have had issues with the radio just shutting off. The deal takes the radio out, resets something and it works. He stated that some of the radios are bad and that they (VW) are replacing them in cars under warranty. Ours went in 3 times for this before the warranty went out. Now that it is out of warranty, he tells us this. We have no recourse I guess.