2017 Volkswagen Passat GTE 1.4 turbo hybrid from UK and Ireland


Nice car and I wish it had more range on batteries


All the buttons on the steering wheel stopped working, requiring a replacement 'module'.

Also the LCD display in the centre console would periodically refuse to turn on, although the next time you drove it, it would spring into life.

The petrol cap flap wouldn't also click shut.

General Comments:

A nice car, and driving it on the electric motor was particularly enjoyable due to the silence and quick acceleration from rest. Performance below 80mph was very good, with lots of acceleration which easily overwhelmed the front tyres - it really needed 4WD.

Battery range was supposed to be 32 miles, but the best I ever saw was 26 miles on a warmish day whilst driving fairly sedately with no air con on. In the winter with the heater and air con to demist the windows, I once got down to 9 miles range. On the motorway it average about 40 MPG or so.

This was a company car, and I wouldn't buy one myself as it was expensive and had few electrical gremlins, which I would worry would get worse with age, after the warranty had expired.

It made sense for me to have it at the time, as it saved me a load of company car tax due to the low emissions figure, but I am not sure it makes sense for a private buyer unless you can run it just on the electric power, which is difficult since the range is poor and you seem to be always charging it up.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 10th January, 2018