9th Dec 2007, 00:06

Never really looked at it that way. The Starbucks thing was a little much, but still shows what people do to their cars. And thanks for the tip on the gas pump filters. I have seen them, but never really looked at them.

11th Dec 2007, 08:35

Very good comments.

Where can I find a diagram showing all vacuum hose connections for my 2.8L 1999 Passat? The factory maintenance manual is not good in this respect.

20th Dec 2007, 01:34

Thank you for the comments folks. It was my turn to vent after reading some of the other comments about the Passat.

I know that I went a little bit overboard on the Starbucks thing, but not by much. Here is how the story goes... I was just getting ready to leave the supermarket (which now has a Starbucks in it) parking lot when a 1.8T passat came into the parking lot doing about 35 mph. This individual slammed on the brakes and darn near made a U-turn diving into a parking space. Before the car was completely stopped, they had the engine off, door open and started walking into the grocery store. I thought to myself do they understand what a turbo is? But they must be in a hurry to pick up a prescription, locate a forgotten kid, etc, or something like that. I made a brief phone call before heading out, and I noticed the owner walking out of the store with their Starbucks in hand. Nothing else except that cup of coffee. I was in shock. They got right into the car, and took off as fast as they arrived.

All I am saying is that if you drive fast, or just drive your car hard, let the turbo slow down and cool before shutting the engine off. Keep in mind that the turbo takes exhaust gases to spin a wheel attached to a compressor. It compresses outside air to pressurize the intake system. That is what you feel when accelerating. Ever notice that the car really takes off when the tach reaches 2200-2400 rpm? That is the turbo building boost. Production turbos probably run in the 20,000+ rpm range if I had to guess. They ride on oil in a sleeve bearing assembly. Once the engine is off, the oil supply to those tiny bearings is also turned off. If the turbo is very hot, and the engine is off, heat transfers down the shaft, into the oil and bearings. This causes the oil to break down and form what is called varnish. The more varnish, the oil thickens and precision tolerance components start to stick and build friction. It really is a never ending cycle. As the oil goes to the turbo bearings, it is carrying off the heat when draining back to the oil pan.

Use common sense, putting around in a mall parking lot is fine, once you park give it a few seconds for the turbo to spin down. You will be fine. But if you exit the highway after doing 85 mph, take the off ramp into the mall parking lot, right into a parking space, let it cool the couple minutes I was talking about. It will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Don't be the guy that came to the shop complaining that his car was running rough and missing. As I was greeting him, he said that his Volkswagen is a piece of!@#$. I asked the usual information, year, model, mileage, what was the problem, how long was this problem going on? He said for about 6 months now... I asked a simple question. "When was the last time you did a tune-up on it? He looked at me with a straight face and said without hesitation...4 years ago. I thought to myself (of course) Yep, real piece of crap. You take care of it, it will be reliable for you.

For the person looking for a vacuum diagram for your car, you can go to most generic parts stores and purchase a Haynes repair manual for about $20.00 or go to the dealer and get a Bentley manual for about $100.00, by far the best one out there for Volkswagen. You can buy stuff at the parts store... like the book, wax and tire shine, but not any cheap parts please! If you do not want to buy a book, go to the library and see if they have one. You can make copies as needed.


19th Feb 2008, 09:00

Thanks so much for the review. I am a new VW Passat Wagon owner (2 days) and I got a great deal on my purchase (2000 GLS Wagon 64k miles, all the GLX options--leather, CD, etc...$5500) Reviews had been great, that is until I found this site. :)

Emissions Workshop! Light just came on after driving for about a half an hour. I googled it and ended up here. I just coded it at AutoZone and it is a P1296. But, it has since gone away. No lights or Emissions Workshop!

I appreciate your expertise and knowledge, and I'm wondering... should I get out now on this model? I got a great deal and could probably get more than I paid for this car selling it locally. Should I go for something else? Is this emissions workshop problem worth dealing with? Am I in over my head? Thanks!

7th Mar 2008, 16:06

I have a similar problem with my 2000 Volkswagen Passat GLS.

My check engine light came on a while back and it also says emissions workshop. As soon as I get up to about 2rpms or give it more than half throttle, it starts to kinda gurk or sputter.

I took it to the mechanic and they told me that it was probably just an ignition coil, so I replaced all of them and nothing changed, so I changed the plugs and still nothing.

I was wondering if you could fill me in a little better than the mechanic shops have so far?

17th Mar 2008, 11:20

Good day all... I have a 2001 passat 1.8T sedan. I had to replace my turbo. When I started driving it the car was smoking for awhile and I called the dealer, they said it was oil that was in the line, which has to be burn to clear out. Its been almost a month and half and the Emission lights is back on and smoke is getting stronger when I drive longer than 30 miles. What can I do to resolve it?? The turbo cost me a fortune, is there another suggestion? Someone told me about the vacuum hose.. Where is it at on the engine?? I talked to the dealer and they said the will charge me $100 just to look at the problem, then so on. Wow! I can't believe they were going to charge me just to look at it!!!

11th Apr 2008, 05:47

I bought a VW Passat 2000 and thought I got a good deal for 4600 euros... however after only owning it for 2 months I am noticing that the oil burns heavily and after every 4 weeks the oil goes empty... i got it checked and it was first diagnosed that the oxygen sensor was gone... got it checked from another reputable mechanic who said that the engine piston rings are gone... it has failed the Nct (national car test). Meaning I can't sell it either. I have to now get the engine repaired which will cost me 1000 euro.

By the way I have already spend 900 euros on getting minor things repaired and the car fully serviced since I bought it...

I had no idea that passat repairs cost so much... I would NEVER buy another VW again for sure... Its good to drive it and look at it... and gets you all the compliments... but your mates have no idea how much money it needs to keep going.