5th Jul 2013, 11:58

200K miles is a lot to expect out of stock windows/doors. If they're slammed real hard, that'll wear them out faster.

5th Dec 2013, 15:58

About the electronic components in both VW and Audi products.

The problem here is double, and it's really going to happen in all those vehicles at the specified age.

First, several electric components found in VW and Audi vehicles have a very complex design. I don't know the reason German engineers design such complex mechanisms, but the parts look very complicated, compared with other car manufacturers. It's not a matter of durability, it's simply that the German engineering school has a tendency of over-thinking things. I am a mechanical engineer and I can testify to that. Because of the complexity of the design, these parts are very expensive.

Second, the electric parts in these vehicles are designed to last about 7 to 8 years after the buying date. After a period of about 8 years, the electronic solders start breaking up, as well as some electronic components. It really is a designing philosophy the German engineers have. In opposition, in Japanese vehicles, the same parts are designed to last 12 years and more.

The day German engineers will spend some time among Japanese engineers to learn how to build less complex components and how to build more durable electronic circuits, the German vehicles will face a new era of reliability.

16th Feb 2014, 19:41

Original reviewer here. The Passat was sold (I was outside the country for a while) and I'm now driving a more recent Volvo. I remember I had to fix quite a few glitches with the Passat (which could be called a money pit if the owner would have brought the car to the VW dealer for repairs). At the end the car was still going strong engine/transmission wise at about 150000 miles.

I regret it, it was a comfortable and pleasant car to drive. I consider it quite superior to my S60 Volvo, in most aspects, except the engine and the sound system. It had better quality interior, better seats, better legroom, driving position, comfortable suspension and handling.

On the other side, the electronics were (much) less reliable in the Passat. But compared with the Volvo, it had a spirit and I do miss that.

26th Feb 2014, 17:36

Interesting comparison, as I too came from a Passat (1.8T) to a Volvo S60, and have almost the opposite reaction! I find the Volvo a far better car in every respect, other than the leg room/luggage area room, in which the Passat excelled.

Don't get me wrong, the Passat was a good car, but I find the Volvo far more comfortable, sounds great (5 cylinder engine) and very reliable. The safety is also in my mind. Both cars are almost class leaders, but the Volvo is just that little bit better in most areas.