29th Mar 2017, 18:07

100,000 km.

Well, here we are. Just moments away from crossing that line (100k). Bought Michelin X-Ice for winter. They're good. But from my memory, not as good as the Pirelli Snows that I had on my previous Santa Fe. One funny thing, they appear to be quieter than the Pirelli All Seasons I run on. And a little softer riding.

The car is now past the three year bumper to bumper warranty and repairs are starting to hurt. Power seat switch (seat won't go down) ($350cdn). Power door latch ($700cdn). Key fob dead (haven't bothered, but I know it's expensive). Radio can't remember the last station after you shut off the car. I have decided not to repair another thing until it is turned in to VW for Dieselgate, unless it affects safety.

I won't be replacing it with another Passat. I'm not impressed with the handling. Just not quick or tight enough. Too many turns on the steering wheel lock to lock... etc. Ride is just OK. Finding too many uncontrolled or poorly controlled vertical motions.

While fuel economy is a major saving, I found that $400+ for an oil change/maintenance every six months is just too much. Now that it is past the powertrain warranty I'll be seeking a lower cost option until it's finally returned to VW.

Options up for consideration: Chevrolet Equinox Diesel (2018). Mazda CX-5 Diesel. Have considered hybrids, but they're either too weird (Toyota, Nissan, BMW), or just too low rent (I'm talking to you Hyundai, Kia, Nissan), or the battery eats up the trunk (I'm talking to you Ford "C-Max, Fusion"). It doesn't appear that the car makers take their hybrids seriously. They just want to sell enough to meet CAFE.

30th Mar 2017, 12:07

VW has gone downhill in the last few years really fast. Shame really, myself I was a big fan of their 80s and 90s cars and had a few Passats and Jettas, and they were all pretty good and reliable. How the mighty fall.

26th Jan 2018, 02:04


Here we are, 2018. Done all the paperwork and selected the return to Volkswagen option.

Waiting for Mazda to deliver the CX-5 diesel. Watching fuel prices heading up. Sticking with diesel. I can't get my wife to look at the Equinox/Terrain diesel, yet. So we wait. But Mazda better be delivering before March/April, as the repairs on the Passat are beginning to mount. And I'm avoiding some work on the car as I expect to be rid of it, fairly soon.

The Michelin snow tires are definitely not the best, in spite of all the marketing and hoopla, in my experience. I would rate them average in snow. Slightly above average on ice. But, they do ride nice, and are very quiet.