26th Sep 2015, 00:03

What it looks like is that you need to look at other independent mechanics and stop relying on the dealer. Poor diagnosis. Cars don't just do all that and there's no cause for the problem. Dealers will usually handle cars well within warranty, and people take older cars to independents, who are the ones that end up dealing with issues that come out well after warranty. Dealers just keep replacing parts under warranty, hoping it fixes it.

I know recent BMW petrol/gas-powered 6-cylinder turbos have problems with high pressure fuel pumps, but for VW's it is reasonably uncommon - which means if he's replaced the HPFP twice, then that isn't the problem. It makes you think VW created these parts which keep breaking. Go find an independent who knows what he's doing - ask the VW forums for those that members use in your area.

26th Sep 2015, 01:19

VW makes terribly unreliable cars. Used to own a 2005 Jetta, and never again will I own a German car. Well before 100k mileage it was not dependable to get anywhere with, and was unsafe to drive. Parts and service cost about 4 or 5 times the price as my American and Japanese cars, and those are just much cheaper to own with much less surprises.

VW was good back in the day, but those days are far far gone. People like to slag on domestic cars a lot, but my Ford and GM cars were much better value than my VW, and lasted about 100k or more longer. My Toyotas were flawless too, as well as Honda (albeit 1 transmission) were just much more enjoyable cars to own; knowing you can take a long trip and not break down is priceless.

26th Sep 2015, 15:16

Volkswagen needs the Passat to be a winner. They spend about a $billion dollars for that new plant in the south. A lot is riding on that car. But sales haven't been great, selling only about 7500 a month USA compared to the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry 40,000 a month US sales. Now this smog cheating problem isn't going to help them. The US Government loves these types of problems so they can overhaul the smog regulations on how they test cars. Which means more money for them and more problems and expense for the people that buy these cars new and used. And this will not just affect VWs, it will affect all car makers and their smog situation. More money... more money... more money...