2007 Volkswagen Passat 4 Motion 3.6L from North America


Repairs outweigh the value


Rear brakes, coil springs, shocks, struts, ignition coil, door handles, rainwater leaks.

General Comments:

While the repair items on this car were replaced at the normal interval, the costs are astronomical.

Because of the electronic parking brake, the rear brake job cost $2500!!!

To replace rear shocks and springs and front struts was another $1900.

The motors for the rear hatch are weak and are $500 each.

The transmission flush was $700.

There was an issue with rain water getting into the passenger compartment that caused the carpet to smell like mildew.

Three of the four doorhandles needed repair.

The repairs of the car exceed the current value. I'll never buy another VW.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2016

23rd Jun 2016, 13:39

You're paying too much in repairs. Get a new place to have the work done.

23rd Jun 2016, 20:22

Transmission flush at $700 sounds right like an European car dealer quote.

On the other side, I've learned that any VW cars (no matter what the "I put 150000 miles on my Jetta without a single repair" VW fan boys will say) are more or less designed to last without (hopefully) major troubles no more than 100K miles. After this, several electronic parts among others start to fail, and as you just figured out, dealer prices are perfect to get you an instant 90s hair dress appearance.

23rd Jun 2016, 21:23

Yet another negative VW review from the USA. You guys get a really bad deal, quality control seems to suffer, remember, VW cars sold in USA are not European built last time I checked. Here in Europe, VWs (and most cars) will last well in excess of 100,000 without any trouble (not a VW fanboy, just a general observation), but I agree with the comments you are paying too much for repairs, try finding a (good) but cheaper garage.

29th Jun 2016, 22:04

The 2007 Passats sold in North America were assembled in Germany. The 2011 to present Passats sold in North America were/are assembled in the United States.

As for the original poster's comments, I would note that:

- We're talking about a car with 100,000 miles to 150,000 miles of use.

- Many of the service items noted appear to be maintenance as opposed to repairs.

- As alluded to by others, you should be able to find capable mechanics to perform these services at significantly lower prices.

- The usefulness of a car and its market value are two completely unrelated measures of a car's worth.

- While you may have (over)spent $5,000 to $6,000 on these service items, and these exceed the market value of the car, for $10,000 to $12,000 you have a special and superb vehicle in the Passat, particularly with the 3.6L and 4Motion. Enjoy it!

2007 Volkswagen Passat 2.0 turbo petrol from North America


Well this one is utter rubbish. One guy with a 2014 Passat near me says the same of his


The car started having fuel problems at 81k, with frequent engine stops, even when on the freeway. The car is dangerous to drive. When the temperature is less than 5C, the car is fine. Otherwise the engine can cut out at any time (usually in a junction or center lane of the freeway).

It's had 4 new high pressure fuel pumps and 2 new low pressure fuel pumps, 1 new camshaft, new fuel pressure regulator, and all engine sensors had to be changed, new engine wiring loom, new relays for something, new key and ignition locks, and the steering column produces numerous faults. The list is endless and mostly not written here.

General Comments:

The car has spent 4 months out of the last 12 in service and is still not fixed. Both my local dealers have now declared "we can't fix this car".

So, I am now going to scrap a beautiful looking car in great physical condition because I don't trust the dealers not to sell it on unfixed and have it kill someone.

Apart from this huge issue, generally the car has proved to be very unreliable, with poor build quality and numerous stupid design faults (such as the water pouring into the trunk when you open it).

In short the car is over engineered junk.


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Review Date: 24th September, 2015

25th Sep 2015, 15:01

Amazing, all the bad reviews for VWs on this site seem to come from the USA. Here in the UK they are known to be reliable cars, despite the recent scandal regarding emissions. I had 2 Passats back in the day (90s models); all were bullet proof reliable and did me over 200,000 miles without serious issue. I dunno, maybe VW really has been cost cutting across the entire model range in the last 15 years or so. But then over here in the UK, the 2000 onward Passat models also have a good reliability record, so who knows, maybe you just got unlucky? Or maybe they are built elsewhere other than Germany for the USA market, in fact I think they are built in Brazil for the USA market, but I could be wrong. But surely they still have quality control in this day and age?