4th Oct 2003, 03:15

The 2001 V6 passat is a big Lemon.

Ever since I got it new, I had a bunch of electrical problems. First time it shutdown on me when I was doing 70MPH on the highway.---They replaced the computer.

Then my wipers could not turn-off--Took them 2 weeks to fix it, ended up replacing the rain sensor and relay.

Now just Yesterday, My clutch FAN stopped working and the thing is overheating. I am going to trade in the Lemon.

VW needs to recall these cars for a lot of electrical things.

19th Jan 2004, 11:46

I had an '01 Passat that needed the engine replaced after 12000 miles. Prior to that huge problem, I had a plethora of problems (electrical and others).

I loved driving the car so much that I bought a 2003. Still love to drive it, but still having major, persistent problems.

Very disappointing!

25th Jan 2004, 17:53

I've replaced the driver's side headlamp (4) times in 40,000 miles.

I have been without dash lights for a year. The last time I brought it in they miraculously came on when the repairman removed the dimmer switch. He recommended leaving it at that. He said the dashboard would have to be removed to further investigate the problem. He said it would be expensive.

One week latter they went off again and have been out ever since.

My driver's door doesn't lock with the remote.

The heater fan squeals.

The rear lighter assembly won't stay in.

This is my first and probably last German car. I never had any problems with my Toyota's or Honda's.

5th Aug 2004, 07:32

I have a 2001.5 GLS V6 with 34,600 miles. Many problems right from the start. Within the first 4 months it would not start and had to be towed back to the dealer. Headlamps out twice, console lights went out, airbag light came on and stayed on, warning light for low anti-freeze comes on frequently in winter even though the level is 'fine', warped rotors, turn signals stopped working, battery died, and most recently... the oil is mysteriously disappearing from the car so VW has given the dealer permission to replace the engine - only it will be re-manufactured! Very, very disappointed in the reliability of this car.

13th Aug 2004, 23:48

I recently purchased a 01' Passat GLS and it has been problem after problem. This morning I was on a bridge and the thing just died on me. I had it towed to the nearest dealership and all they can narrow it down to is "electrical misfiring." VW should stop trying to put so much technology into these cars. The butt warmers are nice, but I would swap this feature for reliability any day of the week.

22nd Oct 2004, 15:02

Hi, to all you unfortunate vw owners. I also have had problems with my 2001 vw, the engine light won't go off for the love of GOD! why can't they just fix it. they claim it's something new each time. I say we give these cars back and buy a bike.

17th Nov 2004, 08:24

I couldn't be more disappointed with my 2001 Passat. I'll give it comfort and looks, but that's all for naught when I've had to replace: 1.) the door and hood seals at 27,000 miles, 2.) the entire brake system at 27,000 miles 3.) the drainage hose from the sunroof which had a hole and flooded the carpet when it rained, 4.) the carpet which rotted as a result of the previous problem, 5.) the alternator at 30,000 miles, 6.) the coil packs at 42,000 miles, and 7.) the vacuum hoses at 42,000 miles. I shan't bore you with the plethora of smaller mechanical/electrical difficulties. The nutshell - 2 out of 16 months in the shop, and $6400 out of my pocket in 16 months. I'll admit that Volkswagen offered to appease me - by selling me a lesser car for "only $20 a month more." Be afraid, be very afraid...

22nd Jun 2005, 21:50

This car is built very poorly. while driving my Passat at 60km/h I happened to go over a big bump (a pothole or something) and the whole dashboard just gave way and crumbled. I had to tow it to the dealership and they presented me with a hefty bill to rebuild the dash from the ground up. some help would be nice. thanks.

19th Sep 2005, 18:09

Just traded my '01 Passat for a used Accord. I loved my passat, but after many, many dollars spent on everything from O2 sensors, vacuum hoses, most recently the instrument cluster, I decided to go back to a reliable vehicle. Not as sporty, but I never had these kind of issues with a Honda. I only had 62,000 miles on it, and problems every other week. PS.. did I mention also that the heater core went as well? for whatever reason, VW covered that cost of repair. Grille in the front drivers side, fell off! Poorly constructed, however fun to drive. Would never buy another one.

21st Sep 2005, 19:48

I still have my 2001.5 Passat GLS Wagon (65,000 miles). I absolutely love how the thing handles, and all things considered it has been relatively reliable -- I've never ended up stranded on the road or felt like I've been endangered by the car in any way. However, like the other folks here I have had numerous problems, and the thing is a money pit as far as maintenance goes.

I've had to replace the front left headlight more times than I can remember, and the front right headlight is practically impossible to replace without taking apart half of the car. My coil packs failed of course, and my turn signals just recently went on the fritz. Had to have rotors replaced at a mere 40-some thousand miles. Planned maintenance is pricey. The engine runs great after maintenance, but performance quickly degrades --- often the car idles erratically in neutral, reverse, and low gears.

I won't be buying a VW ever again. I've driven Toyotas and Hondas for far longer than this car and never had any of these issues. I had an '84 Toyota Celica with nearly 100,000 miles on it, and it worked better than my Passat now. I still enjoy how it handles, but when I get rid of this car (soon...I hope someone who hasn't read these comments will buy it!) I'm going back to Toyota for good.

23rd Sep 2005, 16:34

I have a 2001 V6 GLS (not many bells and whistles) and while I have had a slightly higher than normal number of repairs, most of them were caused by things either I or the repair shop did intentionally or accidentally. For example I was run off the road once and popped a tire on the curb, but that really isn't the fault of the car I don't think. Also, most repair shops don't properly attach the front spoiler and so it gets damaged on speed bumps/humps and I have to have it repaired. I should probably talk to the repairshop about it to have them pay for it as they caused it but I feel bad doing this - they already have to deal with enough complaints.

The only big problem I can say I've had is a roof leak which the dealership looked at and wanted $750 to fix. Of course I told them not to worry about it, that I'd try taking it somewhere else, and mysteriously the leak stopped after they looked at it.

Right now I'm having my brakes repaired (why I found this site to begin with) and they told me the rotors had to always be replaced with the pads. This sounded fishy, but I've found literature online that says that this is both true and false, so who knows. I don't really have enough trust for anyone in this world, besides my mother, father, and brother, to believe anything anyone says anymore, so I'm not too concerned.

I do like the car, though, and don't think every one sold is a 'lemon', though it seems to be more common for the Passat than most cars. I guess I'm just glad mine isn't as lemony as some others who have posted on here :). I probably wouldn't buy another VW, but I've got no intention of selling mine yet.