22nd Jan 2010, 18:29

Thank you all for your comments, I wasn't sure if I made the right decision on buying a GLX VR6. But I did it. It has 138000 miles on it. So far I love the power it has. It has some problems, but I am trying to work them out. I am the 2nd owner. The first owner took very good care of it. All the work was done at the dealership, very good maintenance records.

11th Jun 2010, 23:27

My first official car that I bought, and have regretted it the day after I got it, and continuously for the four months that I have had it.

My first HOUR driving it: the air hose had come loose and the car would not go. It stalled, sputtered and died. I had to push it into the parking lot when I got close enough to work. Not to mention the heater control (almost $200) was completely melted and I had no heat during the winter.

Day Three: The throttle cable stuck. Yes, as posted in another comment, this car does spit white smoke -- it is not intentional!!! ($100)

A few weeks later my car started smoking - this time from under the hood. My upper rad hose had burst and was swelling in other places. $200 later it runs a little better...

No matter how much work goes into this vehicle something else will happen the second you go to turn it on. It idles high, shifts VERY rough. Not to mention the passenger seat feels like you are sitting on a toilet. My boyfriend is AFRAID for his life and refuses to drive it. He is in trades and would rather buy a new car or take the bus with his tools if his truck broke down... the BUS. WITH HIS TOOLS.

I have been trying to sell the wonderful hunk of rubber and metal, and every time I try a little harder, something goes wrong. This car is like "Christine" from Steven King. I CANNOT get rid of it!!! It just dies when I try and sell it.

For those Passat lovers out there, please contact me and I will sell it to you at a good price. Life insurance not included.