26th Oct 2005, 13:23

Brake squeal can normally be cured by disassembly of the calipers and lubricating rubbing components (brake pads apart) with copper-based grease.

If this is not done with new calipers the problem will recur.

31st Aug 2007, 07:41

I agree that the passat (i have the manual) is very fun to drive. I would like to point out that the drivetrain fell out twice while drive within the first year. Once was factory error the other was dealer.

7th Apr 2008, 17:38

OMG! Sounds just like my car to the T except my catalytic converter did go out already. I have a 2003 passat. Well along with replacing the battery twice, fuel pump, replacing brake disc twice, CV boot, brake lights staying on, and heater seats burning my leg and hole in my seats and now the catalytic converter went out. I know they finally recalled the heat shield that is near the catalytic converter but does this mean they are going to fix the converter? I am so sick of this car I paid good money and I got a piece of junk. Every year I spend 5000 in repairs and the dealerships are rude and unhelpful. So if anyone knows anything please write back. Thanks to all!

18th Oct 2008, 01:43

I own a 2002 VW Passat. I have owned this car for about 7 months now. I went to VW for my first newer car for reliability and good gas mileage.

But let me tell you, since I have had this car it has been nothing but problems. The very first day I bought this car right after signing the papers I drove it home about an hour away from the dealer. It had over heated and was towed to the shop for the water pump. The cost was just under (900 dollars), but it was covered by an advantage warranty.

Other than that, right now I am sitting on TWENTY NINE! pages of problems that I have had with this car.

Although I do like some of the features this car has, like the turbo which makes it nice and sporty.


14th Dec 2008, 22:28

I own a 2003 Passat which I purchased new in July 2002.

In 2003, the regulator pin in the rear passenger side window kept falling out and still does even after multiple repairs by the dealership.

In 2005, both catalytic converters had to be replaced ($3500) as a result of a faulty coil.

Since 2003, I've had the driver's side upper brake light replaced 28 times and the brake light switch replaced 4 times ($110/each time)!

After taking my vehicle into a VW dealership to diagnose a radio problem, they charged me over $1800 to repair the ECU unit - this created more problems (no radio, A/C and heater out, Homelink system damaged, airbag malfunction, and horn no longer functioning, along with other electrical problems).

I had a new alternator ($800) installed, relay switch ($155) replaced, new spark plugs and wires ($384), new serpentine belt ($95), new fuses installed, new ECU unit ($1800), A/C compressor switch replaced ($767), and new battery and cables ($110).

My car still sounds like a loud vacuum when running, my rear passenger side window will not roll down, the driver's side rear brake light is still out, there is no radio, no A/C, no heat, heated seats still out even after recall, horn doesn't work, there is a smell of burning rubber coming from the engine, and the vehicle needs to be jump started ever 3 months.

Please do not take your vehicle into a VW dealership. Many independent mechanics know more about VWs and have saved customers hundreds of dollars worth in repairs. I've found them to be more honest about their limitations in fixing my vehicle.

6th Jul 2009, 08:21

I have a 2002 1.8T Passat. I've had no troubles as you've described whatsoever. I bought it used from a Chevy dealer over 2 and a half years ago and I still love it!!! That turbo zippyness and awesome stereo and suspension that seems to be gripping the asphalt with sharp teeth make it very fun to drive!!! It's excellent in the snow too. Many times I've had to drive in a blizzard or icy conditions and had no trouble, meanwhile I saw many four wheel drive SUV's that had spun off the road. Guess I'm just lucky to have gotten one of the good 02 Passats :-)

3rd Jun 2010, 12:42

I have a 2002 1.8T Passat Wagon. Bought the car new and it now has a 193,000 miles on it and it still runs great. Never has had a wheel alignment. Just the usual normal wear and tear. I wouldn't hesitate recommending VW to anyone.

2nd Jul 2010, 18:22

I have a 2002 Passat 1.8T that has performed quite well. I bought it 1 year old with a newly replaced engine (at 20K miles!) Since then we've driven 80K additional miles with routine service and a few MFR recalls (coils, heat shield, etc.) The total engine replacement was a bit spooky at first, but I'm happy to say that it drives well, looks good and is comfortable, with no extraordinary repairs.

9th Jun 2011, 22:07

I have a 2002 Passat 1.8T that I bought four years ago, and I've paid more in repairs than the car cost me four years ago ($ 15,000). Attention in the workshops of VW is lousy, it always takes two weeks in repair, the car handles very well, but I visit at least 3 times a year to the mechanics of VW, and it's very expensive... I never had problems with my 99 Cherokee...

I do not recommend the VW cars, think twice before buying one.

10th Jun 2011, 18:44

And to hear some of the comments on here, some of the dealers would have you believe that you should be having a wonderful experience. Instead it is unfortunately normal.