8th Nov 2006, 22:40

I have 2 Passats. One with a V-6 and the other with a 1.8t. The V-6 has 150,000 miles and a 5-speed. The wiper motor and the clutch has been high from day one, and that is the only problem I have had with the car. This has been the god one.

The 1.8 turbo automatic has 60,000 miles and I have had more problems just within the last 6 thousand miles. I have replaced the head 2 times, turbo, timing belt, water pump 3 times I think, timing belt tensioner 2 times, emissions controls about 20 plus times in the dealer for this issue. transmision sensors galore, whole transmission replaced, headlight problem. I will never buy a 1.8 again.

13th Feb 2007, 15:09

To fix you door lock and window woes. There is a rubber boot on each door that has a group of wires inside it. When you open and close the doors a lot the wire get weak and break. All you have to do is find with door has the broken wires and repair them with a cheap 20 cent connector. It only took me 3 months to figure it out on my own. Hope that helps.

26th May 2010, 11:44

I have a 2002 Passat 1.8 Turbo. I have read about many instances regarding sludge in the engines in these cars. The compartment at the bottom of the windshield on the firewall, where the battery and brake booster are located, will fill up with water when heavy rainfall occurs. When this happens, depressing the brake pedal will allow water to enter the engine and steam will come out of the exhaust. Also, water will be in the oil pan and the oil will have to changed. I have remedied the problem by drilling holes for water to exit.

I did receive a recall from VW, saying this problem could allow water to enter passenger compartment, but no mention of water in the engine. Mentioning water in the engine could raise an expensive liability issue. Currently, I am replacing the dipstick funnel. Making the funnel out of plastic was poor judgment on behalf of VW engineers.

28th May 2010, 00:25

I have a '98 1.8 Turbo. It has had a broken timing belt, loose and worn front end suspension, broken window operator, door lock problems and moonroof stopped working, along with the output stage monitor malfunctioning, causing required replacement. The car has 100k miles. I'd like to drive it another 10k, if I continue to spend more time and money.