1999 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T from North America


Fun, clever little German car


Service Schedule: The car needed the costly 124K service (incl. replace timing belt) - it didn't have it completed when I bought it - maybe that's why it was approx $2K less than typical - make sure you check the service sked before you buy - know what your future costs will be. Now it doesn't need anything (hopefully) but oil changes for the next 100K.

General Comments:

Tiptronic shift is a great option - very responsive.

Great urban vehicle - narrow and tight turning.

Plenty of room, and esp. in the back - Jetta was too small.

Passat was made in Germany - not Mexico like the Jetta.

All windows up or down with driver key lock - smart!

Insurance break due to industry recognized anti-theft.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2006

1999 Volkswagen Passat GLS 1.8t from North America


Safe, fun, but problematic!


58000 miles front-end clunking?

60000 miles replaced wore out tie-rod ends.

64000 miles timing belt broke damaging the cylinder head and other related parts! $4k!

68000 miles auto trans problems. The gear indicator turned black and wouldn't go into reverse. Dealer replaced sensor.

70000 miles alarm remote quit! replaced $130!

72000 miles engine coolant leak. Replaced several hoses before actual leak was detected. Plastic hose bib on the back of the cylinder head!

76000 miles turn signal lamp fell off and ran over it!

78000 miles oil leaks - replaced plastic vacuum tube thingy.

80000 miles ABS sensor quit.

83000 miles drivers door lock quit! Works with key only.

85000 miles driver rear door lock quit - won't respond to key, remote, or switch. Can pull/push it though - nice option!

88000 miles Tip-Tronic shifter shifting quit. Standard gear selector still works - for now!

90000 miles oil dipstick tube broke off when pulling out the dip-stick.

100k miles entire from end is making noises.

110k miles replacing brakes for the first time.

General Comments:

I've had several major and minor issues with my '99 passat 1.8t wagon. I love the car, but it has been very problematic.

Today it has several outstanding issues. Thankfully I am very handy and can perform most work myself - staying away from the dealer.

The radio buttons stick. There are several dash lights out. Alarm remote quit again. Drivers door lock still only works with the key. The rear passenger door lock mysteriously started working again? The entire front suspension is clunking and making noises. The rear cup holders are broke. Both rear door mouldings have come loose and broke partially off when the kids opened their doors! The rear drivers side seat latch broke off and I can no longer lower that seat.

I really like the car and the fact that it is paid for. I want to keep it and just ordered on-line over $1000 in parts to replace all the front end suspension parts. New brakes rotors, shocks, springs etc. I hope this will buy me another 50k miles until I can afford to buy a new car.

My only concern now is that recently the car started shifting a little erratically/ loosely from 2nd to 3rd???

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Review Date: 30th August, 2006

18th Sep 2006, 12:27

2002 Passat Problems, 1.8l AWM Severe electrical problems, poor production quality, within the first 25,000 miles the headlights burned out, should have been fore sight of things to come, four radios have been replaced, the engine coil problems or recalls have been fixed, I think four recalls, first was the engine coils, then was the gas tank issue, then an engine sensor, and the most recent was an oil pickup tube, when the car was less than a year old, it would not pass emissions for almost three months, water in the passengers rear floor when you use your AC, both front window carriers have been replaced, bad cables, passenger front headlight held in place with McDonald's napkins, dash light failing or burned out, turn single gone, glove box split in two, fixed once-broke again-removed glove box, antenna seal split, oil dipstick broke, VW emblem fell off engine cover, valve covers leaking, all I've done is pamper this car, cannot fix the problems quick enough, car currently has 94,000 miles, if you wish for a reliable, safe car for the family may I suggest a Lexus, it has the highest customer satisfaction and lowest reported problems, about the same price.