1985 Volkswagen Polo C 903cc from UK and Ireland


Good reliable small car with big load area in the back


Carburetor needed cleaning every few months; got new fuel tank to try and solve, but to no avail.

Positive Crankcase Ventilation filter blocked 3 times, causing oil contamination of alternator via air filter; 2 new alternators fitted.

Throttle return spring broke.

2 new clutches needed.

1 head gasket.

Drivers seat collapsed (fat driver!)

General Comments:

Did lots of miles so some problems to be expected; the main pain was the carb problems which kept recurring, but it just meant a £50 bill once or twice a year which I could live with.

Generally very reliable; though keep an eye out for oil in the air filter housing indicating a blocked crankcase oil filter.

Loads of space in the back with the rear seats folded down so very practical.

Surprisingly nippy for such a small engine.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2005

1985 Volkswagen Polo c 1L petrol from UK and Ireland


Cheap, reliable, takes a caning


Front passenger side wheel bearing went, not the easiest job to undertake (fly press required), but cheap if done yourself.

Near the end of ownership, would not start sometimes when weather cold and wet. Maybe spent a little too long at the red line.

Strange electrical problem of rear wiper coming on when braking.

General Comments:

This car has done me proud. Picked it up for £100 and it served me well for one whole year with the minimum of attention.

I have caned this little car everywhere, its the only way! First gear can take on many a larger cars with bigger engines (shame its over so soon).

Handling, acceleration and brakes are poor, but I have had some serious fun trying to keep it on the road around the twisties, keeps you on your toes.

Seats are acceptable and dash is functional. Nothing to write home about.

This old car has kept going for a year with the bare minimum being done with a very abusive owner, built to last!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2004

1985 Volkswagen Polo Classic C 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Very good, economical 1st car


Rusted through underneath battery due to build up of leaves.

Front Shocks have been replaced, but at correct mileage

Alternator Brushes.

General Comments:

Really good 1st car. has never broken down on the move.

Performance good for the size of engine

No rust due to rust proofing and because it had been kept in the garage for the 1st 15 years of its life.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2004

1985 Volkswagen Polo Classic GL 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Overall a cheap, reliable car, pity they did not make a four door estate version


Rear exhaust box at 38000 miles, Sept 1997.

Constant velocity rubber boot at 41400 miles, MOT June 1999.

Rear brake cylinder and shoes at 42900 miles, Dec 1999.

Constant velocity rubber boot at 43000 miles, MOT June 2000.

Front springs replaced and first rusthole needing welding in a dirt trap in the front of rear arch on the driver's side at 44200 miles, June 2001.

Rear exhaust box and two front tyres at 46000 miles, Mar 2003.

Small leak around the petrol filler when anything other than a few gallons full.

General Comments:

My mileage is very low, as I prefer to cycle for shopping.

Car is so light and highly sprung, rapid acceleration from junctions result in front tyre squeal. Still nippy acceleration when on the move.

However rolls when cornering at speed and understeer stops any rallying.

Repair costs six and half years motoring of 400 pounds is not bad.

Water pools, but only in winter when a boot puddle forms, have now drilled a hole to fix. Repeated in the rear foot wells, needing thick newspapers to soak up. Believe it is condensation on all the bare metals, as the car is dry in summer, even after heavy downpours.

High rear boot sill.

Some rust, but only surface bottom of doors; main problem areas are the wings etc.

Other glitches, water light stays on for a few miles though plenty of water is in the system.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2004