1985 Volkswagen Polo C 1.05 from UK and Ireland


Cheap and cheerful, but scary on the speed bumps!!


The rear wiper and De mister doesn't work (washer does though)

Passenger side door won't open from the inside.

Leaking oil from the top of the engine.

Had to get the tracking sorted and the wheels balanced.

Lights needed repaired (just a dodgy earth)

Having a problem with acceleration. The car pulls away OK in first and second gears, but the engine over revs in third and fourth, but eventually 'catches itself up'

Takes forever to get to 60 miles per hour, but then chugs along merrily.

Body work needs a little attention, but I suppose that's to be expected from an 18 year old car!!

General Comments:

This car is quite a nice little Jalopy. Have called her Betsy. It is cheap and cheerful.

I would appreciate any advice on the problems I am having with the higher gears. Could it be the clutch slipping?

Please contact me on weejimtomlin@aol.com if you can help me rectify the problem. Thanks.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2003

25th Mar 2003, 10:41

Yes. It sounds like you need a new clutch.

1985 Volkswagen Polo C 1.05 petrol from UK and Ireland


High quality engineering, good economy all for a very low price


Starter motor solenoid failed - motor had to be replaced.

Alternator failed whilst in use.

Exhaust corroded and failed while in use.

Carburettor needed cleaning (caused problems with stalling)

Two oil leaks (one was filter, other unresolved)

Leaking from radiator (although this may be my fault for not using antifreeze)

Various headlight etc. bulbs have needed replacement.

The cables going to the back wiper, washer and rear-window heater became frayed and had to be reconnected.

On damp mornings, when the car has not been run for about two days, there are (and continuingly) serious problems with the ignition system with tracking in the distributor cap and possibly coil that cause it to have severe problems starting.

It has had to have the battery replaced (probably in part at least due to the above problem)

The brakes had to be adjusted after it failed its MOT test on one occasion.

The left nozzle to the front windscreen washing is cracked and does not spray water evenly.

The temperature gage has an intermittent fault.

The odometer stopped working completely shortly after I bought it requiring the entire console to be replaced.

The heating/cooling fan makes a terrible noise at high speed.

The pull-open valve in the choke has had to be repaired several times to counter problems in cold weather.

The distributor cap once came loose while the car was traveling at speed, although this may have been because I had not replaced it properly when spraying the inside with WD40 in order to get it to start on a damp morning.

General Comments:

Good, solid handling - always feels controlled and refined.

Very economical to run.

Reasonably comfortable for a car of its class.

Not too prone to rust.

Brakes do not perform too well (no servo), but one gets used to them.

Cabin visibility is relatively poor.

Good, stiff ride: good for handling, not so good if you don't like a stiff ride (I do), but I suppose that you could always have the shocks softened.

Very basic specification.

Older models (such as mine) have no catalyst.

Four speed models are not ideal for motorway driving - this is more of a town car; all the gear ratios are very short.

The headlights are dim by modern standards, but that can be remedied by replacing them with halogen bulbs - at least if you have a post August 1985 model with the more powerful alternator. I am not sure that an earlier model could handle the extra power draw.

I dislike the shape of the "squareback", but that's really personal taste.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2003

1985 Volkswagen Polo C 1.0 ubercharged from UK and Ireland


Built like a skip - goes like a skip


I have had to replace the clutch cable twice after a shocking British-made replacement. The German second replacement was perfect.

There is a fist-sized hole in the off-side wing... not a problem.

Rear heated windscreen and wipe doesn't work - but the wash does!

General Comments:

If you hit an 80s Astra up the rear nothing will happen to Polo, but lots will happen to Vaux... ha ha ha!

The car is seriously quick and handles like it's on a wet sheet of glass.

I have stripped it out, removing seat covers and belts etc. to save on weight.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

1st Feb 2007, 07:52

Why would go to the effort of taking the interior out to save weight? You probably saved about 5kg in weight?

...effort:gain ratio = 0.