1992 Volkswagen Polo 3 Door Boulevard Coupe 1.0 Petol from UK and Ireland


Fantastic build quality and highly recommended!!!


The only main problem I have had with my 1992 Polo Coupe is that the battery went dead and gear connection rod needed tightening. Also went I brought the car, the heated rear windscreen only has one heating element line which actually works. Apart from these little problems, I have not had any major problems and can all be expected of a car of this age.

General Comments:

I have had my Volkswagen Polo Coupe for a few months now and I have been extremely impressed. The bodywork is in excellent condition apart from the odd car park dents, there is no rust even in the most vulnerable of places. I have got no complains about this car and I would recommend it to any first time drivers or for people who want a cheap, reliable town run about. Volkswagen quality is fantastic and I would defiantly buy another Volkswagen based on the reliability and the build quality.

Highly recommended!

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Review Date: 7th February, 2005

1992 Volkswagen Polo Fox 1.0 8v from UK and Ireland


Cheap, quick and reliable


Various types of hoses for vacuum pumps etc. An oil pump that is mounted on the rocker cover started spitting oil at low idle speeds, it had to be replaced. Head gasket went. One week after I got the head gasket done the pulley from the timing belt came loose from the camshaft, resulting in loss of timing and big breakdown, though this was the mechanics fault as he didn't tighten the pulley enough.

General Comments:

Not a great car to look at, but unusually quick for its size and 4 speed gearbox. My friend has a 1.1 fiesta which it has no problem wiping the floor with. Will also match a 1.2 Renault Clio no bother. Much faster than the newer and newest models. Quite comfortable with plenty of legroom in the front, but not so much for rear passengers. Good sized boot and quite accessible engine. The only bad thing is the expensive parts that are and aren't available for it. But these cars do seem to have a willingness to go even if they are on the verge of breakdown.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2005

1992 Volkswagen Polo G40 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Seriously Quick and seriously cheap


Not much has really gone wrong with the car, It's been well looked after by the previous 5 owners and me with regular services. The only thing I can say is that this car is a bit too plain, there isn't many extras on the car.

General Comments:

I brought this car two and a half years ago and I am more than happy with it, its ultra reliable, seriously quick (will be even quicker when I upgrade to the R1 charger and get a chip and pulley upgrade) and very cheap even though there rare (probably between 300-350 left in the UK)

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2004

9th Sep 2004, 04:50

The Polo G40 is a seriously quick motor made by one of the best manufacturers around! I have found out that there are roughly 230 remaining in the UK today! I own one that is completely standard apart from a set of TSW alloys and its @a wolf in sheep's clothing'!

1992 Volkswagen Polo 1.0 from Portugal


An underpowered gas guzzler..


Exhaust pipe & muffler fell some 4 times to the ground supposedly due to misalignment of the whole setup that caused extra load on the holding rubbers.

Stop brake light never worked.

Electric system failed twice. Had to be towed to repair. Pricey repair.

Cooling system failed once while on vacations in the middle of a trip... Fortunately I got to a mechanic in time...

Seat retraction to allow passengers on the back failed on both front seats once.

Had a big, growing, rust spot under the front window - some rusty points on the water channel above the rear window on both sides.

General Comments:

My fist car - it was either this or a Fiat Uno.

Awfully underpowered vehicle.

It needed some time to heat properly before usage, otherwise the engine wouldn't build up.

Had a tendency to heat up too much - especially on long voyages with moderate load.

Keep your eyes on the water level!

It didn't have a sealed glove compartment - so I couldn't keep anything of importance there (radio, etc).

It doesn't have a low gas warning light which is terribly important when you are young (and I was).

The car is a gas guzzler considering the engine power - 1000 cc - 45 HP... Mine did 8-9 lts at 100 km in city drive...

The muffler is set very low and it hits high obstacles easily.

The exhaust pipe protrudes too much from the rear - be careful not to fold the whole exhaust pipe against an obstacle when your going backwards!

Of course - no power steering - but it wasn't too heavy thank god!

This is a definitely a city car - forget it when your going on vacations and need to take some luggage.

I did get mine doing 150 km/h (on a descent OK) with 3 passengers and fully loaded - and when I say fully - I took luggage underneath my legs in the driver seat!

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Review Date: 15th November, 2003

10th Aug 2004, 14:45

(same guy, second thought)

Actually considering some of the other things you said in your review - such as it needing to be warm before it would run properly, only reaching 150kmh with a hill and a load... It sounds as if the motor really wasnt running right. At the first signs of these troubles after mine being great for two years - fine economy, able to shoot along at 150 or more in almost any condition - I sought professional advice. It was doing all that, sucking fuel, running very badly when cold, losing power...

A couple of parts replaced later - the engine gas (lambda) sensor, and the coolant temperature sensor - plus a new air filter to replace the very dirty one, and it was right back on track, as it was before. All of the above each costing the price of three or four beers! (plus the garage work, but I later found out I could have done it myself in about 10 minutes for the lot without "special" tools!) Hardly a big outlay!