1995 Volkswagen Polo CL 1.3 from UK and Ireland


A solid, fun little car


Central locking sometimes doesn't work (loose vacuum connection, easy fix)

Heater lighting didn't work when I bought it (a tap with my knuckles fixed this...)

General Comments:

The handling is very stable and predictable. It drives like a bigger car. You get understeer if you start to chuck it around, like any other front wheel drive hatch. Far, far better than Fiestas of the same period.

The 1.3 is quite underpowered. With one person in the car, acceleration is reasonable. However this engine doesn't have much torque, and struggles a bit when the car is loaded or going up hills.

The interior is a comfortable and well laid out, if lacking in style.

Maintainence is fairly cheap, especially if you can use a spanner.

Will make 40+ mpg easily. Will do 70 all day long.

The gearing is quite short. Around 3500 rpm at 70 mph, although it will still give 40mpg here.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2006

1995 Volkswagen Polo CL Coupe 1.3 CC from UK and Ireland


Made by one of the finest car manufacturers in the world


Recurring problem with the vehicle which has still not been identified. Vehicle whilst in motion will erratically stall causing the engine to stop.

Two shock absorbers leaking.

Front brake clips fell off.

Indicator arm required replacement.

General Comments:

A tremendous little car which serves its purpose very well.

Despite certain inevitable problems the vehicle remains a pleasure to own/drive.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2005

10th Jun 2005, 03:17

Mine is three years newer than this and is now showing signs of rust on one of the rear wheel arches. I've owned it from new and it has never been damaged in any way, has a FVWSH and has been regularly cleaned.

Lots of other faults as well including trim rattles, power steering problems, electrical problems and poor starting.

If VAG are the finest motor manufacturer in the world, we are in big trouble. I will certainly never pay their over-inflated prices again. My Polo has proven to be unreliable, poorly made, overpriced rubbish.

1995 Volkswagen Polo GL 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A very capable small car


Window regulator failed soon after I got the car.

Water Pump failed.

Sunroof leaked.

General Comments:

After my previous car, Cavalier 16V, this Polo has been a joy to own. The Cavalier was so unreliable I was getting depressed!

The leaky sunroof was fixed with some Vaseline, it softened the seal back up and it has not leaked since.

The window winder was fixed under the 3rd party warranty I got with the car from the local main dealer. No hassles.

The warranty also sorted the water pump, but the dealer refused to do the work under the warranty!

The pump failed when I was in France and I had to drive the car 300 miles back to England, with regular stops to let the car boil over, and then top it up with Evian!

Despite this the car got me all the way back to London and the engine was not damaged.

The car, as standard wallows and simply does not handle very well. I have had sports springs fitted to resolve this.

My car is Flash red and the paintwork is pretty bad. No amount of polishing will help for long.

Every other thing about this car has been faultless and apart from the clutch being worn, I can't see this car going badly wrong any time soon.

Main dealer servicing is insanely expensive, I was quoted £500 for major service and Cam belt change. Got it done elsewhere for £250. Then, six months later, the Cam belt got changed again when the water pump problem was fixed.

For a little car, it can take a big load, the boot can take a full size suitcase laying flat, and when the back seats are down (they fold down very flat) I have had a 4ft fish tank and half an Ikea kitchen in the back (not at the same time)

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Review Date: 16th October, 2004