1997 Volkswagen Polo 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Fun, Sexy and POLO


Central locking control box had to be replaced, replaced by dealer.

Oxygen sensor was first issue at about 73,000. $500 NZ.

Fuel pump fuse.

Front suspension arms. $400 genuine new.

Drivers window, power window motor. $200 new. Started doing it on passenger window, but I fixed it before it happened again.

Exhaust started leaking, re-sealed. $70 labor.

ABS computer, at the shop now probably $1000.

General Comments:

This car is my baby, I love it so much that I know I will find it hard to part with. Yeah this car has given me some troubles, and has been expensive on repairs. I have spent just under half its value on repairs so far, and will probably keep doing so until a repair costs too much, and it's stupid to keep paying for it. But otherwise I love everything about it.

The factory stereo is great, handling is OK, it's pretty quick for a little car, and it has all the things that Japanese cars miss, like handling, solidness and quality.

On long trips the car handles nicely, it's quick, although sometimes it feels like it's over-revving at around 110-120.

Around town, the fuel economy could be better, I notice if I do no motorway driving and just low speeds, a full tank will reach around 300km, compared to 400km with motorway and town mix.

Motorway driving in the Polo is good fun, it loves long straights and easily gets to 120 and loves to pass and make inside lane maneuvers. (Don't break the law).

Two people in the car is probably the max I like to take, mainly a comfort thing, as performance is alright with this many people.

This car does have mood swings, some days it won't wanna be quick, other days it surprises me. But this makes me love the Polo.

Overall, a cool, fun, good looking car, that sets apart from the rest. Cheers Polo!

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Review Date: 17th February, 2009

7th Mar 2010, 07:16

Hi people! Polo 1997 = thirteen years old! What do you expect from a car thirteen years old? My Polo acts much better than a car that old! I own 1 and I bought it just 2 months ago! For $3000, very cool car, no problems at all! Until now.. parts are not expensive here in U.A.E..

14th Sep 2010, 00:09

I'm the author of this review and before I traded it in for a BMW 5 Series:

- The ignition barrel broke and had to be towed to mechanic and replaced new at $400 NZD.

- Right passenger power window broke, replaced at $200 NZD.

- ABS computer had to be replaced at $1200 NZD.

- Window washer unit had to be repaired due to leak.

- Factory stereo went kaput, replaced myself.

- Hub caps kept falling off until I put cable ties on them. Had to get two at $75 NZD each (not too bad).

Fuel economy slowly got worse as I had it, would only really achieve 280km from a full 40L tank (14l/100km).

Began to really get sick of having to keep this car running and getting little out of it in terms of economy and power.

I do miss how easy it was to park though!

1997 Volkswagen Polo from Philippines


Hello guys,

I just perfected a sale contract a while ago for a second hand 1997 polo classic and its consummation is on Friday (for a good deal, I hope). Just you guys know, I'm really excited. But after reading all the comments here, I can't help it but procrastinate now.

Let's give it a try first. I'm gonna let you about my experience with it after a week.

And, ohh, I love this site! Now I know the right questions to ask of the vendor tomorrow. Thanks guys!!!!!!!

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Review Date: 13th May, 2008