1997 Volkswagen Polo 16v 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Apart from the usual wear and tear stuff like brake pads etc, the rocker cover gasket has been changed 3 times since I have had the car!

General Comments:

Basically this is a great little motor. The car handles great, even in the wet. The suspension is firm and solid, maybe a little too firm at times as even the smallest bumps in the road are noticable.

Build quality is fantastic, the interior is screwed together nicely and doesn't rattle at all, even over the bumps! The only quibble is the engine noise due to low gearing on motorways is liable to cause your ears to bleed!

Performance is good for a 1.4 engine, excellent above 4000 revs, very torquey and great up hills. It'll pass 100 without any trouble and go on to a respectable 120 (if your ears can take it).

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Review Date: 25th October, 2000

26th Aug 2001, 18:36

Fiat Uno turbo? Please be serious for a moment, you can't even compare an Uno to a Polo. So what if the Uno is faster? In terms of reliability, solidity and visual appeal, it's a no contest. The Polo wins hands down.

18th Jan 2002, 09:44

A Polo is a shed, the build quality is no better than any russian car, it's expensive motoring, boring sea of plastic, they are heavy, unreliable sheds. My 96 model started rusting on the front wing, paint (red) has faded completely on the roof, and transmission had to be repaired 3 times! The car has only done 27k!

Face it, VW are over hyped, office workers car.

1st Jan 2004, 20:40

Try actually taking care of your car then, theres this stuff you can buy called polish, not only does it make your wagon nice and shiny, its main quality is that it protects your paint from fading from sunlight! any valeting company will tell you red is the worst for this, as for rusting, try drying your car after washing (YES PLACES SELL SOAP FOR CARS TOO!) will prevent this from happening.

Its not VW's fault, its general neglect like this that causes these problems.

In short it's a POLO not a PORSCHE!!!

So stop bloody whining!

1997 Volkswagen Polo CL 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Nice car, BAD dealers


Too much.

New rear door seal, mis-aligned rear door (both under warranty).

New driver's door lock (after an 8 month wait, under warranty).

Tracking badly out - I think ever since I had the car (not under warranty).

Steel wheels starting to rust.

Broken plastic trim - still waiting on order for 4 months (under warranty). Dealership broke dash vent during service, it took 3 months to get one, it turned up, it was the wrong one, another two months for the correct one to turn up.

General Comments:

The car itself is very good. The engine is quiet, refined and economical. Handling is a little soggy for some tastes, but the flip side is an excellent ride quality. Steering is overly light, but allows very easy parking.

Stereo adequate. The de-mister system is hopeless, it is worse than a Mini I once owned. Seats are slightly too hard, but adjust well. Rear seats cramped for adults.

Dealership service is hopeless. The car is a 5dr, I ordered a 3dr. I was not prepared to wait another 16 weeks for the 3dr to be built. It appears every part, except service parts needs to be ordered from Germany, this takes between four weeks and 8 months. The dealer is unhelpful, and useless.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2000

6th Apr 2001, 13:45

Obvioulsy you have had a bad experience with your dealer.

I have the same car as yourself and have received excellent service from my local dealership. I had a faulty throttle body which was knackard and they replaced it under warranty. The said part being ordered from Germany - arrived in little under a week.

I suggest you look for another dealership - as they do differ in service/customer relations etc.