2002 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 55kW petrol engine from Germany


A total lemon


In August 2002 we bought a brand-new VW Polo 1.4. After only nine months problems appeared intermittently with the engine management system. The EPC warning light would come on half-way through a journey, with drastically reduced engine power in 1st and 2nd gear.

Our local VW garage said it was an electronic error and replaced the appropriate part.

Six weeks later the same problem occurred. This time engine power was virtually nil. We took it back to the garage and this time they replaced a different part.

The next day the same thing happened all over again.

As the car is still under guarantee we have had free repairs and courtesy cars both times. However, it seems that VW just cannot sort this problem out, and we are left with a totally unreliable car that will be difficult to sell..

General Comments:

We are particularly disappointed in this car as our previous Polo was wonderful and lasted over 15 years. But our recent experience of both the 2002 Polo and of VW's inability to solve the problem means that we will never buy another Volkswagen again.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2003

24th Nov 2004, 02:39


I have a 2000 Volkswagen Polo 1L which I purchased secondhand from a volkswagen dealer in Ireland and since I bought it in 2002 I have had a problems with it. Occasionally it is to do with reduced power while I'm driving meaning I need to shift into a lower gear to keep moving. Then if I turn it off and restart it seems OK?

Then more recently its the EPC light on the dashboard.

This happens occasionally, but recently it is staying on, I had to keep revving it to keep it going till I got home.

Next morning all was well - but what happens next time.

I always considered volkswagens to be up there with the other German beautiful creations, but I am really disappointed since my purchase and would not buy another Polo!!

2002 Volkswagen Polo S 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


VW Reliability...NOT!!


At 6,000 miles main belt broke and major oil leak; belt poss broke due to oil on belt. Car was taken in to VW who had the car for 5 days.

After the car had its 10,000 mile service from another VW garage we noticed there was another oil leak. The car was taken to our local dealer who had the car for 2 days and replaced 2 seals.

At this time we were also experiencing problems with the clutch, they replaced slave cylinder. Within days the problem reoccurred, we booked it in again and they replace the master cylinder and slave cylinder again. This time they had the car 3 days.

A few thousand miles later I hear a noise coming from what seemed to be the front drivers wheel area. Couldn't see anything, popped the bonnet and found the main belt starting to shred - again. Called VW assistance, who did arrive promptly, and they said for us to take it to the dealers in the morning, cheers mate!

By this time they us and our car quite well, they had the car back to us within 2 days.

Just the other day one of the knobs on the boot lid that holds the parcel shelf on broke off. As it is molded to one huge piece of plastic, we won't be replacing it too soon.

We have tried to get some compensation from VW for our hassle and it's loss in residual value due to these problems. Its not much, but they said they would pay for the next service and have given us another years VW roadside assistance; that's faith for you.

General Comments:

The car has now done just over 24,000 miles and my fiancee has owned the car from new.

The front tyres have just been replaced. 20,000 of those miles are motorway miles. We're okay with that.

Oil leaks aside it doesn't seem to lose any oil.

We both enjoy driving the car and I love the sound it makes on acceleration - which is due to it being a three cylinder.

We find it quite practical. Recently I took my best mate and wife to the airport for their honeymoon. They had two huge pieces of luggage that managed to fit in the boot, I was very impressed.

Fuel consumption is okay, nothing to shout about.


The Polo is a nice practical car to drive and it can be fun. It had always been my fiancee's dream to own a Polo after her 2 previous Mini Metros. Would she go back to her Metro now, probably not, but I know one thing there will be no more VW's in our household again.

VW has lost its reputation for reliability. I just bought a car for myself and I was not about to compromise what I now know, I went for a Subaru Impreza 2.0 AWD Sport.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2003