2002 Volkswagen Polo E 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Overall, a cute, comfortable and well-made car that is enjoyable and fun to drive


At 18, it was a big decision to decide to go out and buy my first own car which would be financed through a monthly payment scheme with the dealer/company I finally chose. I only wanted a small car which was reliable, easy to drive and comfortable. However there were SO many choices - a Peugeot 206, Nissan Micra, Citroen Saxo and Ford Fiesta where the front runners. For me though, I had always loved the Polo and knew friends who had owned one without problems, also taking into account Volkswagen was a company renowned for quality and reliability.

Off I trotted in April then and bought my first car - a Volkswagen Polo E 52 model with one previous owner in excellent condition except for one minor dent. The dealer included a major servicing looking for any problems - there was none. Weeks passed and after a month I was over the moon with my Polo - I knew I'd chosen the right car for me.

After just a month I drove an hour and a half to visit and take my gran out for the day. On leaving her house a warning light came on. I was worried. Why this, when the car had just had a big 'check'? I consulted the manual to find it was the Exhaust Emissions Warning Light, and phoned the garage the next morning and booked the car in for the following week. The the light dissapeared - I took it in anyway. They did a diagnostic check and seemed unsure as to what was wrong. I returned. 'All sorted - we've changed a few things by recall'. Excellent. No more worries - I drove away happy. Six miles down the road and it was on again and all the way back to the garage I went. 'All sorted this time - changed the ignition coil and made another few 'recalls'.' Recalls? Why all these recalls??? Touch wood, the problem has not returned.

The only other problem I have experienced is brake rubbing - the disks are black and refuse to clean themselves no matter how much driving I do.

General Comments:

OK, I know I have only had the car six months and really only had one problem. But why did I have that problem when they had supposedly already given it a 'thorough service'?

I'll be honest, I do love the car- it's comfortable and nice to drive. I just hope in the coming years I own it I will not be made a victim of repeated 'electrical' problems. The car recieves its first MOT this month and runs out of warranty - meaning I'll foot any future bills.

The main thing that has frustrated me about Volkswagen is their dealership. When I returned a second time with the problem I was forced to take out a courtesy car which I had to pay for. Should they not be free as at most garages? They are at Subaru. Also, I was promised mats in the deal front and back - I ended up having to pay for them.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2005

3rd Oct 2005, 09:11

Hi. OK perhaps (but I hope not!) they are putting something in the coffee, and I was I admit now maybe a little generous with my scoring! The Polo is a nice little car, but I agree Volkswagen need to sort out their dealership service, and electrical problems. Since buying, I have heard this is a common problem, the scariest being the engine cuts out whilst driving. That scares me - and if it does happen, I won't hesitate to sell. I clearly didin't do my research enough, and wish I had found this website before buying.

The car is fun, and I have found the build quality good, and no other problems. OK, sort out these fairly 'big' problems and the VW Polo will probably become one of the best, if not THE best small car in its class. I think it is time for VW to review performance, perhaps they are now slipping from their reliability / excellent faultless build quality, where nearly every VW could be trusted. Please VW, don't start the build 'em cheap stack 'em high stance!

I suppose everyone likes cars for different reasons- but I have to admit after all your friends problems their comments are amusing.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review.

2002 Volkswagen Polo SE 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Good - apart from now being terrifying!


The car has now completely lost all power whilst driving at 70 mph - a total electrical shutdown, which is dangerous and frightening. When the ignition is tried again the car restarts. The dealership cannot find a fault with computerised diagnostic testing. I would be interested to hear of others who have experienced this fault.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2005

11th Sep 2005, 13:00

I own a VW Polo 1.2e and am currently experiencing problems with the engine. Its driv-eable, but feels very sluggish. About a month ago the car lost power when I was driving and I struggled to get it home. It was OK the next day and has been up till now.

I've also taken it to the garage, who put it on diagnostics and said they couldn't find any problem. I'm taking it back again tomorrow and not giving up until this is resolved, as warranty is up in November.

If anyone else has experienced this problem and has had it resolved, please let me know.