1st Dec 2005, 09:10

Hi, I've just had what I think is a similar problem. I have a 1.4 SE (2002), and yesterday it started being very sluggish, there was very little power under the accelerator and it was a struggle to get it home. The revs were very low and the exhaust emissions warning light was also on. I took it to a local garage who have informed me that the problem is a faulty ignition coil. They are fitting a new one this afternoon, so when I get it back I'll drive it for a few days and post if that has solved it.

1st Dec 2005, 12:56

Quick update to my earlier post - picked up the car and it's fine after having the ignition coil replaced. The warning light is still on, but the mechanic says my local VW dealer will be able to reset it if it doesn't fix itself. Hope that's useful to someone!

2nd Feb 2006, 12:26

Since purchasing my 1.2E Polo in March 2003 I have had the same intermittent problem which is the engine cutting out on me. I am able to restart the engine, but lack confidence in driving the car. Have taken it twice to the main dealer who have been unable to find a fault. I would like to hear from anyone who has any ideas.

22nd Mar 2006, 09:25

I purchased a new VW Polo 1.2 in 2002. The mileage is 19,600 miles. You can see that this is not excessive, Yesterday it completely lost power. Luckily it was in a city area and not on a motorway. The EPC light came on. I trundled along to the nearest garage, fearing at any moment that I would have to abandon it at the side of the road. Reaching the garage, I was informed that it could be any of 30 faults that the computer might diagnose as wrong, down to a faulty breaklight. I was advised that I should take it to a VW dealer and that I should be able to drive home. Drove on to my VW dealer who tested it and could find nothing wrong. The light was out by this time. They updated the software and I was billed £47 because the car was out of guarantee. I hope the problem has been resolved, but why should I pay for faulty programming that VW is responsible for? The 'German thoroughness work ethic' has been greatly undermined by this experience.

10th Aug 2009, 08:56

I have had the same problem three times now! Each time the faulty ignition coil was replaced (the second time all four were replaced). This has cost me a lot of money, and has now happened again. I don't understand that if this is a known fault with Polos (which my VW garage said it is) why we should have to pay to get it fixed! This is definitely stopping me from purchasing another VW in the future!