2002 Volkswagen Polo S 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Awful, avoid at all costs


Everything has gone wrong with this car. It has been a total nightmare.

Last week after spending £500 on new injectors, today it broke down. The timing chain has now broken, estimate £400. VW said this chain is a 'common problem'.

The engine management system has been dreadful, and the software reloaded twice.

Please don't buy a 2002 year Polo. The problems were sorted out from 2004 onwards.

Since Xmas I have spent £1500 on the car, and since September the following has been done:

Fuel pump.

Oil line.

Bits of plastic come off the trim inside and on the seats.

02 sensor, heating sensor and air con sensor replaced, but still blows out hot air except on a cold day when it blows out cold.

Suspension t-bone faulty, new parts needed.

Fuel seals cracked and wouldn't reseal.

Cracked injectors with petrol pouring out.

Warning lights flashing on and off for no reason.

Faulty lights and the engine just cutting out for no reason.

The car has been looked after and serviced, but yet again it is off the road for 4 days.

Please avoid.

General Comments:

Unreliable, badly built and not up to VW's older excellent standards.

Crap engine management system.

Expensive to run and maintain.

Awful, car which cost £5800.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2010

12th May 2010, 07:21

Sorry to say, I've owned Audi and VW products for 20 years, but no longer. If you think that your car is not up to previous standards, I'm afraid to inform you that this is exactly up to standard.

As far as your flashing warning lights, it is probably the ground connections. This is just another designed in VW condition.

2002 Volkswagen Polo SDI 1.9 diesel from Finland


NEVER EVER buy a Volkswagen!


OK! the first thing to go off was wheel bearings, replaced at VW garage.

Next month, clutch started slipping. Replaced.

Next week the clutch went down, towed back to the dealer! Got the car back in three days! Drove around 20 kms, Clutch went down again!

OK! Towed back to the dealer, I asked them to fix it properly and got the car back next week with new clutch, new gearbox, ABS sensors and some other little things, and paid a bill of nearly 2000 euros! Yes 2000.

OK! Drove it back home, the clutch went down on a motorway at midnight. Towed back to the dealer and asked for a refund, they refused to issue any refund.

I said, OK fix it, everything is under warranty! Now it's been three months, the car is at VW garage. The worst service, and the worst car. I would ask any VW officials reading this to review their dealership in Finland.

General Comments:

The worst car ever made! VW really really sucks.

I bought this car for damn 7000 euros and paid over 2000 euros to get it fixed, but they can't fix it.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2009

2002 Volkswagen Polo C 1.4 from Norway


We love it!


Right side rear window jammed. Fixed under warranty.

Last year the EPC lamp came on. It was fixed by the dealer as a software upgrade. The new software is said to be more fault tolerant.

General Comments:

It looks better than its competitors, and it has a little touch of Audi inside.

With 2 cars in the family, the Polo is our favourite city car. Automatic works well with the 1.4 engine and it is fun to drive. In fact, we like the Polo so well that we have just ordered the all new Polo - just from the brochure.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2009

2002 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Wouldn't buy another VW Polo, it feels as though my car was a Friday afternoon job


Had to have a new catalyst fitted.

Needed a new fan belt.

Broken window seal, which caused the whole back passenger floor to become wet when it rained, and needed a new carpet fitted.

Most recently the suspension spring snapped and the catalyst light is flashing again, which I'm having investigated.

General Comments:

Since buying the Polo brand new in 2002, I have had endless problems each year.

After I've fixed one problem, it's not long before another light is flashing on the dashboard to say something else needs fixing, mainly it's the EPC light.

Luckily I have friends in the trade who can fix it for me cheaper than the dealers would, otherwise it would cost me an absolute fortune. I would have traded the Polo in for something more reliable, but my trust in cars is very low and whose to say I won't have the same problems with another car?

When it's working the car is lovely to drive.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2009

21st Feb 2009, 16:05

I too have a 1.4SE 52 plate polo and I am experiencing many of the same problems, it never seems to go a week without some warning light or problem recently.

Latest is a squeaking noise, which I am informed is the anti roll bar and although not dangerous I am told it will need to be replaced before the MOT in September or it will fail. My independent VW garage tells me this is a design fault and they no longer use this in their cars, though it is going to cost me £160+vat to repair!

On top of that my central locking is playing up yet again, already replaced drivers door lock less than 2 years ago, then a few months later back passenger door went same way and now the other two locks are playing up and are both permanently locked at the moment. When they do decide to work they often don't lock - don't know which is worse! I am told to get the locks fixed when they are open will cost me £120+ vat each and if they are locked £160+vat, also told these would fail at MOT if not fixed.

On top of that is the famous EPC/engine light which never seems to go a week without being lit, luckily only once have I noticed a changing in my driving, which I took it to my local independent garage (have fallen out with my VW dealership after their attitude - but at least my independent is a lot cheaper) and it was an ignition coil @ approx £80 to change. He has told me ignore the lights unless I actually notice a difference in driving, as he has seen himself how they come on and off when they please.

I am now at the end of my tether and ready to change to another make and would never recommend a VW to anyone.

At least reading this forum I realise I am far from alone with my VW problems.

AK Manchester.