2004 Volkswagen Polo Playa TDI 1.4 turbo diesel from South Africa


Quality super mini


Had to replace 3 times.

Car not idling.

Had to replace exhaust back box.

Accelerator cable at 120.00kms.

Clutch master cylinder at 160.000kms.

Gearbox linkage at 177.000kms.

C.V. joints replaced.

Radiator leaking.

Fuel tank leaking at 244.000kms.

General Comments:

I love my car so much.

It's very comfortable for long journeys. I recently went to Botswana, and it's been great.

It's very powerful for a small car, but not as fuel efficient as I thought it would it.

My gorgeous little car has had a hard life; it's been on many many rocky and muddy roads. I do lots of long distance driving; as a result, it's aged a lot over the year. The head lights have gone yellow and it has a lot of stone chips.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2010

2004 Volkswagen Polo Sport 1.4 16v from UK and Ireland


Good all round performance and quality feel and image only marred by reliability problems


Faulty bushes on front suspension causing knocking noise.

Faulty rear screen demister (needed new windscreen)

Faulty rear screen wiper jet (water pipe came loose)

Engine emission warning light stayed on (no obvious fault when checked, disappeared when computer memory was reset)

Faulty cigar lighter

All the faults mentioned above were repaired/rectified under the manufacturer's warranty.

General Comments:

The car has a feel of quality about it,it looks great in silver with the standard alloys and drives like a much bigger car. The quality of the ride is very good and the engine is quiet and pacey. It does not perform as an outright sports car as the name suggests, but it has a fair turn of speed whenever required and can keep up with motorway traffic with great ease. It would have been a great car if not for the little niggles and faults experienced during the first year of ownership. I am concerned that if any of the above problems do reoccur when the initial warranty runs out next january, I will then have to foot the bill for any repairs which may be extortionate at VW dealers.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2006

22nd Sep 2007, 14:02

The car has been utterly reliable for the past year since I submitted the first review. The engine is a bit noisy on start up from cold, but I believe this is normal with most VW Polos. I was going to change the car initially in view of the problems which were thankfully rectified under the terms of the three year warranty. The only niggly thing which is worth mentioning is the occasional noise made by the rear disc brakes on reversing, especially when the car has been standing overnight. I had this checked by the main dealer when it went for a service, but they could not detect any faults or deficiencies with the braking system which in fact is very efficient except for the noise. The car behaves impeccably and still looks immaculate with the silver paintwork still looking as glossy as when it left the showroom. I will probably keep the car for another year until I exchange it, hopefully for a Golf GTi or an Audi A3.

6th May 2009, 18:33

The car has been very reliable since my last entry, the only parts which needed changing were the rear discs and pads and an EGR valve... otherwise the car has behaved impeccably, starting well and there are still no rattles coming from the dashboard as often mentioned in the comments about this model.

I had the car serviced at the main dealer in the area where I live, and again the only comment I can make is that the work is first class, but the bills are rather expensive for a car of this size. The paintwork is still glossy and there are no rust spots, considering that the car is now over 5 yrs old. The engine is running really well and the car is still a joy to drive.

I am so impressed with the car's performance and ride quality that I am now considering to trade it in for the Polo Sport105 model, which is slightly more powerful. There are some special deals at the moment as this model is being phased out to make way for the new Polo which comes out in September of this year.

The colour I would go for again is Reflex Silver, as it gives the car a more classy look.

The last comment I would add is that despite the initial problems encountered when the car was new (repaired under warranty), it has been utterly reliable. I will be sad to see it go soon and I do hope that it goes to another good home :)