Polo S 64 1.2

Simple, reliable and well-built. A great used buy

314 words, UK and Ireland

Polo S55 1.2

Beautiful, but with dark problems

191 words, UK and Ireland

Polo Trendline hatchback 1.4 petrol

Well priced bargain of a car!

44 words, South Africa

Polo Hatch 1.4 1.4 petrol

Stylish city mover

52 words, South Africa

Polo 1.0 petrol

Excellent car

32 words, Egypt

Polo Standard 1.2 petrol

Avoid this model at all costs

115 words, UK and Ireland

Polo S 1.2 64bhp

Good Jazz alternative with amazing interior quality, but that's it

223 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments