16th Nov 2015, 12:23

Did you ever get a solution to this, as my wife's car is the same 1.4 TDI, and it cuts out without the stop/start switched off, with information on the dash advising to start the car manually. It's due to go into a VW garage tomorrow for them to look at it.

28th Jan 2016, 09:59

At 7000 miles my 2014 Polo 1.4 TDI engine was stopping when the clutch pedal was depressed at road junctions, roundabouts etc with the Bluemotion disabled. When restarting the engine, it sometimes took two or three attempts to get it to fire, and made a noise suggesting injection timing being out of sync.

The problem was quickly sorted out under warranty by my VW dealer and turned out to be the dual mass flywheel coming apart, causing the crankshaft sensor to lose its signal. The dual mass flywheel, clutch driven plate, thrust bearing and drive shaft were replaced to cure the problem.

Hope this helps, Martyn.

23rd Jul 2016, 17:00

Hi, I have read your review on the VW Polo 1.4 TDI Bluemotion, as I have one of those cars from new. My VW Polo SE 1.4 TDI Bluemotion is only 1 month old with only 900 miles on the clock, and has also just cut out at a junction, but I also have a VW Golf 2002 1.9 PD S TDI, and this car has also done the same, just cut out, so is it a common thing that happens with VW cars?

14th Feb 2017, 20:17

We bought a 2015 VW Polo 1.4 TDI secondhand in July 2016. It often stalled at junctions and snatched and jerked going from first to second gear, especially at lowish revs. I put this down to it being a small engine, with turbo, and not having the low end torque of other diesels that I've owned.

After five months I found it one morning with the clutch pedal at half travel and unable to disengage. It felt like a hydraulic fault, but I got it to a local VW dealer, under warranty, and VW technical department told them to change the clutch and flywheel.

What a difference, no more stalling or snatching, and it picks up smoothly from 1100 RPM in second gear. Still don't understand it, though.