28th Jun 2006, 09:23

The air-con on my 2002 polo has gone! Does anyone know how it can be fixed without it costing a fortune?

2nd Jul 2006, 18:38

I have an R reg Polo 1.4 CL. Needed an entire new clutch just after I bought it second hand! Now the drivers side window is down and won't come up - I've read on the Internet it might be the switch - anyone know ballpark how much this should cost to fix? Would be very grateful. simon@in2touch. c o m.

3rd Aug 2006, 13:33

I have a VW GOLF 2002. It runs fine, only except the check engine light went on a couple of times. In the past few days, New York metropolitan area are suffering from over 100 F. heat. My EPC light went on and off a couple of times on the hot weather days. The check engine light came back too. I brought to the dealer. They said the sensor was too sensitive. Ignore it. But how can I drive on highway with EPC light and check engine light on? I am afraid the car might stop at any time on highway. Anybody has any good suggestions or same experience?

10th Aug 2006, 04:08

I planned to go for a Polo 2001 model. I took the car for a test drive. After going a 20 miles I stopped the car in a gas station for a drink. Coming back, when I tried to start the engine, the car did not start. There were different types of warning signals showing epc, oil, etc. I had to call the owner to take the car.

13th Oct 2006, 20:24

I have a 2002 VW Beetle. When I first bought it back in April 2003, it was driving well with no problems whatsoever. Nine months later, the EPC light came on, and it will lock the transmission if it was on Neutral or Park, and you cannot go back to Drive or Reverse. I had to turn the car off and on to get this matter resolved and be on my way. The EPC light would stay on for a while, but it would turn back off. I took it to the dealer and they said it was fixed. I took it back home couple of weeks later, and the problem returned. After a couple of resets, it went back to normal. I took it for another service at the dealer and they said that they took care of it. From August 2004 till today, it was fine. In October 2006 the problem came back again, and my warranty has expired. I don't know how much it would cost to fix this, since now they can come up with a reason and charge me a bundle to fix the car. This problem is making me go nuts. It embarasses me sometimes when I park the car and it takes me some time to get it going again!!!

14th Oct 2006, 21:00

To the above poster - your problem is your brake light switch. It's a common, cheap part that VW has recalled, I believe. The dealer should not have to reset much or charge you and arm and a leg to fix the problem.

When the brake light switch fails, your car doesn't know that you're pressing on the brake to shift out of park, and therefore the shift interlock safety feature is not disabled.

Hope it helps!

2nd Nov 2006, 04:48

I bought a brand new VW Polo 1.2E in October 2002, using a finance deal to pay for it (my first mistake). As my boyfriend at the time and I were both paying for it, it seemed to be fairly inexpensive and I wanted a car that was reliable as my job involves a lot of driving.

Things changed and I had to pay the finance repayments myself, which were costly, but I managed. I have refinanced it a couple of times, consolidating it with other things like student loans, etc., to make my repayments smaller (Yeah, I know, I've learnt my lesson now).

It has been serviced regularly and MOT'd, with me forking out almost £400 for the total of the service and MOT last year.

This year the ABS light came on. On Monday I took it for its MOT and service. It requires a new ABS pump, new brakes as they are now worn and dangerous (and no I don't drive it like a maniac!!), wipers, indicator lights are showing white, and lots of other things. The total cost just to get it roadworthy is now £1,600 and I cannot afford it (esp as we have a baby on the way). As a result, I have had to declare it off the road and use my husband's car. However, I still have a loan to pay for the next five years, most of which is for the car which is unsafe, unless I take out further finance to pay for the repairs - but then God knows what will go wrong with it afterwards. The car is only four years old and has had to retire.

In the words of Frank Bruno, I am not HP.

3rd Nov 2006, 13:23

I own the 2002 1.4 16v Polo.

I can tell you I am not at all satisfied. The fuel consumption is too high and when the car was less than a year old the EPC light was coming on. It was taken for repair several times but on the fourth visit I was told that the problems were caused by an electrical fault. The wiring was repaired as necessary.

These particular symptoms have not recurred but when I checked the oil level I noticed that the car had been using oil and after the 75,000 km service I had to add 1.5 litres! The car has now travelled 82,300 km in total.

On one occasion the car would not start and this was apparently caused by a loose fuse connection.

I also had to replace the radiator due to a hole, the air valve, the 4 spark intensifier (which 4 years after were under guarantee and cost 42 euros each), 2 engine sensors (L and another one).

If you have one of these cars my advice is sell it as soon as possible!

15th Nov 2006, 10:03

I have had my Polo now for Three years and the EPC light has been on and off for the last 6months. The car is now in the garage and I am dreading the next 6months with the car, if it is true what everyone else has wrote. Although y car has never cut out like some of yours YET!

15th Nov 2006, 17:06

It is a shame that the VW reputation has fallen rapidly in the last couple of years. What happened to the good old days in the eighties when VW were renowned for robustness, durability, dependability, reliability and affordability?

A mystery!

In the past, Ford had a reputation for production some lemons, but I often see many mk3 Escorts and mk1 Fiestas on the road still going strong. It's a pity that a company that everyone believes is so great, has trouble making cars that survive barely four years. A lot of people still criticize Ford, but Ford have improved a lot recently.

19th Nov 2006, 19:04

I drive a 2000 VW JETTA VRS.. I been having so many problems with it, one of them is the epc and check engine light.. could anyone tell me what the epc light means.. I can't believe a German car is having so many problems..

Any advices will be appreciated.