29th Dec 2009, 13:57

I have a Polo 2002 3 cylinder 1.2 3 door.

It starts fine in all weathers first time. The trouble starts when I stop for a few minutes to pop into a shop or garage, and then go to start it and it won't start, it keeps turning over, but won't fire into life. Eventually it starts, but can take several minutes of trying.

Also, the emissions light keeps going on and off. Other than this, the car goes lovely, but it's got to the stage now that if I go on a very short trip to the shop, I have to leave the engine running in case I can't start it again and make a quick dash into the shop and back. Please can anyone help me with this, does anyone out there have the same problem? Cheers.

8th Jan 2010, 07:24

I have a 2002 model 1.4 Polo, and have also had many of the same problems as stated in this forum.

Three coil packs changed so far, and the other will follow shortly I'm sure. This defect causes the power loss problem mentioned many times before. VW in USA recalled half a million cars because of faulty coil packs, but of course here in Europe this problem isn't considered a safety issue, and a recall will therefore never happen. Losing one cylinder while traveling at 70mph on the motorway would be rather unsafe in my humble opinion, but VW don't seem to think so. My complaints about this defect have fallen on deaf ears at the VW garage, and so we all must continually pay for repairs to known defective cars.

Heater problems, side window problems, ABS sensor problems, squeaking shocks, clutch problems etc etc... great these VW cars aren't they?

Why do we have to pay for any 'sensor' problems at all? Aren't they supposed to warn us before 'real' repairs are needed? What use are they when they themselves continually break?

I've had other VW's without problems, especially the Golf and Passat models, but this Polo is awful, it really is.

My plan is to change the car for the Toyota Yaris as soon as possible. Never thought that a VW would be at retirement age after only 50,000 miles.

I hope anyone planning to buy one of these cars manages to read these messages first. Do yourself a favour and change your mind.

27th Jan 2010, 07:05

Well me and my husband have just bought a VW Polo 1.2 2002!!

I have only just read this website, and now I am very worried!

We picked it up yesterday, and my husband drove it to work (an hours journey), and within 20 minutes the engine light came on!

It has literally just passed its MOT yesterday, and the garage we got it from bought it from VW (it was a part exchange).

Another thing that is worrying is that whilst the car is idling, the interior lights turn on and off occasionally (none of this happened on the test drive), there is no stuttering when this happens, no loss of power etc, just the interior lights go off.

The garage has said they will run a diagnostic test on it to see what is wrong, and I'm hoping they find something and fix it.

5th Feb 2010, 09:19

I have an X reg Polo 1.9 SDI and had the EPC (electronic pedal control) warning light, no brake lights and loss of power. Was due servicing for its MOT, so took it to the garage; they said no problems, driving home the warning light came back on, asked a grease monkey I know, he said it's the brake switch sticking. Sure enough, the switch was stuck. Told me the switch has 2 settings, and one is connected to the fuel to cut the power so you don't damage the engine; said it's the most common cause, but can indicate something more serious, sprayed the switch with WD40 and worked fine since as I had just been serviced and the readout said fine. I was willing to take his word, I think a lot of the horror stories on here were already underlying issues with the car before the EPC light came on. I plan on getting a new switch, but as a temporary fix, it worked fine for me.

9th Feb 2010, 16:38

My Polo 1.4 auto enjoyed stalling at the most INTERESTING moments. When idling it used to cycle between 650 and 1000 RPM. If you experience this problem, remove the air cleaner, hold the throttle open and clean the throat and butterfly with a rag dipped in petrol. A miracle cure.

Harry "Wierdbeard"

5th Apr 2010, 05:52

Recently my ABS light has come on my 2002 1.4 VW Polo. Was told by a local garage that the pump has gone. Phoned a VW dealer, who told me £947.00 all in! Any suggestions of a cheaper option? Maybe someone who works on VWs in South East London?

13th Jun 2010, 04:29

I have a 05 Polo 1.2e.

Just recently I have the EPC light and engine light going on and off. I took it to my local garage, who said it was faulty sensors (2), and replaced them at a cost of £200. The car was running better, and I was quite happy.

Today the engine light has come back on, and the car is running lumpy again. I have it booked in to be looked at again. The funny thing is that when my car was 3 years old, I booked it in for a Volkswagen diagnostic test because the car sometimes cut out usually at speed. They said that although my car had only done 48000 miles, it had dropped a valve, and they wanted £600 to investigate. I don't have that kind of money, so I took it to another garage, who fixed the problem for £100.

I also have a problem with water collecting in the rear lights. I have had my car from new, but I would never buy another Volkswagen.

1st Jul 2010, 12:36

I have a 52 plate 1.4 Polo 16v.

Needless to say I am experiencing the same problems, engine management light on, EPC on or off and when on, suffers loss of power. I had a new set of coils 6 months ago, and also have had problems with the bushes and suspension. After finding this site, I will try and get everything re-set and then sell.

22nd Jul 2010, 06:40

My son has a 2002 1.2 (3 cylinder) Polo and has had 3 ignition coil packs replaced, the last one being replaced by ourselves, which is a fairly simple procedure once shown how to do it. He now carries a spare (cost £30) in the car. Assuming that only one has failed, it's trial and error. His cousin has exactly the same model, and 6 coil packs replaced (3 at one time).

He now has problems with the ABS light coming on intermittently and has been told there is an electrical problem with the engine control unit (e.c.u.) and the ABS pump; both of which need replacing.

I have a Skoda Fabia (2002) and no problems. I assume that the same VW parts are used, and yet I don't seem to hear of Skoda owners having similar problems???

27th Jul 2010, 17:21

I have had my 2001 1.4 16v VW polo for 2 years. Currently at 82500km on the clock.

For the last 6 months, I have been to the garage about 5 times. The engine keeps stalling at rough patches, when I am turning a corner or when I have to brake suddenly. I have had the fuel filter replaced, overall service done. The computer diagnoses shows no fault. I am at my wits end as this nightmare journey cannot end until I fix the car then sell it. I have spent so much money on fixing the stalling problem. The car will drive well for a short while, then it cuts power in the middle of the highway. My mechanic has given up as he cannot find any fault with it. I have taken down notes from all the miserable people on this site who are as stressed as I am. Thank you for benefiting us with your experience. I cannot wait to get a Toyota.