27th Feb 2001, 14:37

I agree, whippet quick for what it is. It'll do 95 on a flat no problem, get it downhill and you're off the scale. Has no problems leaving most little cars at the lights, especially if you can set off in second and cut out the short and almost useless 1st gear.

Apart from the terrible understeer, and crap brakes, a corker!

6th Mar 2001, 13:44

Hmmm, 110mph - I don't think so, my '88 Coupe S will run to around 95. Best quality is reliability, the damn thing seems to be indestructible.

Stuck Koni shocks with H&R springs on it which sorted out the steering, now handles like a go-kart whereas before it wallowed hideously. Golf GTi discs and calipers up front improve the wooden braking - there's no servo as standard and it's hard to retro-fit as well.

Otherwise, it cruises at 85 with no problems, has done 114 mph and bar one blown head gasket at about 50,000 miles just motors on.

Nippy around town as well. I wouldn't bother with the smaller engine version though.

18th Apr 2001, 08:41

That was me, the last comment, it should say it's done 114,000 miles not 114mph... Now replaced with a Mk 2 Golf GTI, but still around as I gave it to my girlfriend. It's a good little car, though as everyone else says, the brakes are atrocious.

17th May 2001, 07:57

Polo's are the best, it beats any other small car any day. I have got 4 Polo Coupe's and as someone else said, they are indestructible. I have had 110mph out of mine and I still had not put my foot to the floor.

Anyone that would like to see a few good Polo's go to a show and look for the POLO COUPE OWNERS CLUB stand.

Any questions, call me tel: 02392525709.

30th Jan 2002, 07:33

I've been with Polo's since I started driving. My first car was a MK2 1 litre Polo C Hatchback. It was a great solid car, but lacked poke, so the natural progression was the Coupe S with alloy wheels, rev counter etc etc.

Well bugger me! What a car! Solid, reliable, cheap to run, good torque (had mine up too 115mph!). After 18 months daily pastings it only manages 96mph, but will still surprise many cars round town. OK, so it lacks creature comforts and could do with an anchor to stop it (brakes either lock up or don't work), but it's cheap fun motoring.

Push it too hard and you can get plenty of lift off oversteer, which can be scary, but hey, I like to live on the edge. 176,000 miles and it's still going. Brilliant!

27th Jun 2002, 08:41

Any one who says that a mk2 polo with a 1049cc engine can't reach 90mph is so wrong. I had, had mine for two days and decided to take it down the dual carriage way near me. Not only did I pass 90 I went passed 100 as-well. The car is indestructible, but you have to watch for the auto choke sticking. mine did and my dad rebuilt it for me while I was working. when I got home I took the car out for a spin and found that the car was pulling every single last horse out of its engine. It has got to be the best car that I will every have in my life and I would definatly buy another.

4th Aug 2002, 18:22

I bought a 1987 polo Coupe the other day, the 103 cc engine size.

Although I'm only 17 and have only driven a few cars this is, in my opinion a really fun car to drive. A really nice gear box and quite a bit of poke for a 1 litre engine makes this car a real little soldier.

Does anyone know if there is a way to improve the braking power of this car? I bleed the brakes only to find out that my rear brake cylinder was leaking. I thought this was the problem that was causing poor barking, but after sorting this problem the braking is still bad. Anyone know a way to improve it?

13th Nov 2002, 13:41

100 Mph+ Is entirely possible in a 1987 1.05 Polo C.

18th Jun 2003, 11:32

I've just bought a 89 1300 coupe s, looking forward to years of ragging by the sound of your comments. nothing beats a V dub. rip on.

20th Jan 2004, 08:52

Have had my 1987 1.05 Polo Squareback off the clock many a time!! over 90MPH easily achievable

30th Jun 2004, 12:59

I had a 1988 Polo Coupe 1043cc (with 5-speed 'box) as my first car, and I'm afraid to say that I managed to kill the poor thing. Admittedly, I did find that it would do 70mph in third, at which point it sounded more like a motorbike than a car, and then used this new-found ability whenever an overtaking opportunity arose. As far as top speed goes, I only saw an indicated 95, so I'm surprised by the speeds that some people have reported.

The Polo did take four years of thrashing though, so it did pretty darned well. Apart from some problems with the auto-choke, I didn't have a problem with the car. I've now got a Seat Ibiza, and it feels a lot heavier, and nowhere near as quick. My kid sister has just passed her test, and crashed the Ibiza a couple of times already, so I'm hoping that when she finally destroys it, I can persuade my dad to get another Polo. A G40 would be nice... :o)