29th Oct 2008, 13:54

I have a VW Polo 1.4 S W reg 2000 model. I have had the repeated problem of the drivers side switch for my electric windows failing. I have had to replace it about 4 times in 5 years, maybe more :( Very irritating. Oh yes and my clutch box broke too... expensive car to have :(

6th Jan 2009, 10:39

I have a 1.6 SE 2000 Polo Estate, which I have had for 5 years now, and it's done just 100,000 miles. However, I've not been very happy with the repairs generally.

I've had to have both windows repaired on various occasions. The engine management light has been on for over 3 years, which is apparently due to the secondary air pump. This is expensive to replace, but seems to have no impact on the running of the car so I've done without it. The ABS light is intermittently on, so that needs checking sometime.

Just last month I had to have a new CAT - which is OK for 100,000 miles I suppose, but then this month the gearbox has gone!. Seems to be the same as the rest of the faulty 2000/2001 boxes, in that there was oil on the floor one day, then the car seized up totally when asked to reverse the next day.

No loud bang or anything, but apparently the bits fell out when they looked inside, and there was a hole in the casing. I guess it was the cheap fixing shearing off that did it.

Luckily I've got a good independent garage who have found a reconditioned gearbox but it's still going to be over £1000 I haven't got.!!!

I wonder if the modern models are any more reliable?

7th Jan 2009, 16:07

I have a 1.0 Polo Match V reg - less than 50 miles on the clock. Bought at 4000 mles. Driven carefully etc. Have never paid so much on a car - have replaced the pedal box, gearbox, clutch, exhaust..

I had an old VW golf on a G reg before this and never had any problems at all - seems VW are just not the same as they used to be..

12th Jan 2009, 18:44

Help please, my Polo 6n2 1.4 8v has engine fumes coming in through the vents. I have changed oil and oil filter at back of engine with no joy. Has anyone had any problems like this, and how can I fix it? It's only done 47,000 miles; any help would be great thanks. Also the gear box is the only thing that still works on mine LOL.

15th Jan 2009, 10:01

My car also has large amounts of engine fumes coming through the vents even though I've just had it serviced.

Mine also cuts out at low revs!!!

20th Jan 2009, 16:57

Hi all Polo owners! I have a 2001 GTi model that I got new as my company car and it has had numerous problems:

1. Within 2 weeks the horns packed up and had to be replaced.

2. The passenger window motor had to be replaced TWICE in first year.

3. Pedal box broke.

4. Rubber coating on interior door handles rubbed off (replaced in warranty)

5. The indicator switch has started to fail (no left turn signal intermittently)

AND FINALLY the gearbox seems to be on its way out (nasty noises under load), but I have done 87,000 miles.

This may sound like an achievement, but I sold my 1990 model Passat at 178,000 miles and it was still fine, if a little 'loose'! I am VERY disappointed! Has anyone found a good workshop to replace gearboxes? I'd love to know!!

Paul R.

13th Feb 2009, 10:10

I have had most of the problems described. I bought a 2001 Polo Classic 1 year ago in Costa Rica and the car has given me many many problems. The driver side window stopped working, the brake sensor had to be replaced (I was able to do that luckily) and now my clutch seems to be slipping. It is an automatic and when the car shifts from 1st to 2nd it jumps shaking the car. Now, when I am driving the clutch seems to slip out of 3rd as well. I wanted to check the transmission fluid but cannot seem to find the place to do it. I am bringing it into the mechanic on Monday and I have my fingers crossed that I do not need a new transmission, the car only has 74K...

24th Feb 2009, 17:49

Hi all.

I too have had many of the problems listed above. I have a Polo Match 1.4 2001 model - less than 60,000 miles and have had it from new.

1. The pedal box was replaced free of charge by VW about 2 years ago.

2. I have had numerous problems with the electric windows - the car is currently in the garage having new window runners put in. But the switches have had to be replaced about 3 times before.

3. The interior door handles are worn - didn't realise you could have them replaced under warranty.

4. The battery needed to be replaced this time last year. I came back from holidays on Sunday and it was as dead as a doornail again! Have been told its dead and am therefore having a new one put in.

5. The clutch is making a terrible noise. The car is in a local garage and they say that there is nothing wrong with it having tested it, but it is just noisy - does anyone think there could be the result of another problem?

6. The back windscreen wiper washer doesn't work.

7. The engine is really noisy and constantly makes a ticking noise - sounds awful.

The car is currently in the garage having diagnostic tests - I know it needs a new battery and window runner but who knows what else they will find wrong with the car!!!

Will keep you informed...

24th Feb 2009, 23:10

I had my X reg Polo 1.0, good car when I bought it. I got the warning light on, managed to change the spark plug to get it fixed, then the temp sensor went as well. Later the pedal box broke, spent another £800 to get it fixed.

Now it starts to get into 1st & 2nd gear with difficultly just after the warranty. God bless us.

I nearly forgot about the left suspension need change as well (the right one was already changed by previous owner). For my understanding, buy other car and stay away VW. :-(

26th Feb 2009, 18:53

Hi again, I said I'd keep you informed, well the car is still in the garage - the temperature sensor was faulty too so they had to sort that out. I've been almost a week without my car... doing my head in now!

2nd Mar 2009, 12:25

Hello all, thought I would add my comments on this!!

I currently own a "W" plate polo! I have just had it hauled off to the garage after a suspected clutch cable snap!! Having read some of the comments I decided to see if the pedal box had snapped, and it has!!! Knowing this in advance may well have just saved me a lot of hassle, so I thank you for your info on this one!!

On another note, I would like to make known my other issues. I too have a defective drivers side electric window, central locking only works from the passengers door, and it used to stall randomly, usually at low revs whilst changing down for corners!! The first time this happened a garage fixed the problem by changing the idle speed control valve!?!? The problem came back at Xmas and I decided to have a go myself, took off the air filter to find a load of goo that resembled melted cheese dribbling in the throttle assembly!! After cleaning that out and running some carb cleaner through, it was right as rain!!