2001 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 petrol from Uganda


I love it!


When I start the engine, sometimes it has a delayed start. Have changed spark plugs twice.

Computer diagnostics show no problem.

General Comments:

The cabin is very gloomy.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2010

2001 Volkswagen Polo GTi 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A rare understated hot hatch gem


Standard BBS alloys have corroded badly.

General Comments:

This car is an all round package of quality, reliability, power, looks and specification. Name me another car in its class that excels in all these areas...

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Review Date: 12th July, 2009

2001 Volkswagen Polo Match 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A lot of problems after 50k, and a lot of money to repair! More than the car is worth!


At 59000 miles, firstly my whole DASH PANEL all of a sudden stopped working (MPH, TEMPERATURE Gauge ETC). I've had someone to look at this and they have said it needs a new dash panel, which is around 200 to buy, and then you've got your labour on top.

Also, I have recently been having problems putting it in first gear, and a crunching noise when I put it in reverse. The other week the car drove a couple of yards then went, had to be towed back, and I was told it needs a new GEARBOX. This was apparently caused by an oil leak.

The garage now has my car for repair, and I have been told that I need a new CLUTCH as well, so all in all, I need to spend around 1500 to put the car through its MOT.(that's doing it the cheapest way possible with a reconditioned gearbox).

Previous to this, the EPC light has been coming on now and then.

The driver's window doesn't work and also the door doesn't open (needs a new door barrel).

General Comments:

I've had the car 3 years. It had done 18k when I bought it, and now at 58k everything has gone wrong with it at once.

I haven't had to pay out anything until now. I just wish I had got rid of the car at 55k.

Not worth me selling it now as I'm about to fork out a lot to repair the thing.

Not happy; wish I read this site before purchasing. Well I know now.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2008

2001 Volkswagen Polo 1.0 from UK and Ireland




A few months ago, fifth gear made a high pitched sound when running at speed. This week on the motorway, fifth gear repeatedly disengaged into neutral whilst running.

I have been advised that a pinion bearing is at fault, and the gearbox requires re-conditioning at cost of about £500-600.

This '02 reg Polo has only done 30k. The VW dealer claims that it is not a common fault, despite other people all saying their gearboxes started giving problems at 30k.

Add this to a jammed seat belt last year costing £150 to replace, and I have not been impressed with this car. I thought this did not happen to German cars!

General Comments:

Cheap to run.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2007

2001 Volkswagen Polo SE 1.4 16v - 75bhp from UK and Ireland


Not quite the german quality I was used to


All was well from acquiring it at 21,000 miles (apart expensive service, which included timing belt n tensioner change)... but now at 38000 miles... the EPC light and engine light keep on coming on... VW Audi specialist changed MAP sensor yesterday... but today both lights have re-appeared...

Really disappointed with VW.. I have owned 5 different VW's since 1989... will be looking for Japanese make (Toyota/Honda) soon!!!

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2007

2001 Volkswagen Polo SE 1.4 [75 BHP] from UK and Ireland


Great to look at - but VERY unreliable


I had owned the car for less than 2 weeks when the Engine warning and EPC lights came on resulting in a lost of power to the engine. A number of sensors were replaced which seemed to fix the issue.

Shortly after the ABS warning lights appeared and my ABS stopped functioning to fix this 2 sensors were replaced and this sorted the problem out for 1 or 2 weeks. The problem resurfaced and once again 2 more sensors were replaced.

Since I have owned the car I have had a leak in both left hand side doors and the carpet in the front and rear foot wells is soaked through. VW have been unable to fix this as of yet.

Whenever I put the car into reverse the gearbox makes a crunching sound - VW have tried to adjust the clutch to fix this, but have just told me to put the car into first gear before putting it into reverse.

The Clutch needed to be replaced at 55k miles - VW quoted £440 - independent garage replaced it for £220.

I had an electrical problem which meant the electric windows and central locking stopped functioning - and because the Petrol cap is controlled via Central locking I could not open the cap to fill up with fuel either.

The pedal box has broken 3 times which meant I was unable to use the clutch - apparently this is a "known" fault on Polo's - the GTIs were recalled for this - however the other Polo's were not. After having it welded up multiple times I eventually had to have the whole box replaced - this cost £400 (the pedal box itself was only £30). When VW returned the car to me the Brake lights were stuck on (because VW had failed to fit a clip properly) and ever since the engine has been randomly cutting out.

VW repaired the brake light problem free of charge although they have yet to fix the engine cutting out (seems to happen when at low revs mainly).

This week the Engine and EPC lights have once again started to appear. Will be going back to VW again with this soon.

General Comments:

When the car works - it works beautifully. It's extremely quick off the mark and corners well.

The SE model has a large amount of extras on board which make driving extremely comfortable and pleasurable.

However since ownership I have been plagued by a spate of unreliability which has resulted in a costly repair bill.

Servicing at 10,000 miles is short and also expensive.

I will not be buying another car from the VW Group again.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2006

28th Apr 2006, 02:30


I am also having the same problems as you. I have been advised to get a new pedal box as it is a major feat getting the car into gear. The epc light showed on my car and then the car cut out completely, I brought the car to the garage and they said they could not find a fault when evidently there was one, My car was apparently on a computer for two days with no power. Will a VW garage fix the problem with the pedal box? I ask because if they know about the problem with the pedal box surley they are liable to fix it?