2001 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Gears started to pop out, and within minutes the gear box stopped working. Loud sounds and will not move at all.

Heater dial does not move now.

The car had been in for a minor repair (slight leak from the gearbox) the day before. When I got it back that evening, a slight whirling noise came from the gear box and the dial on the heater/water did not move. I thought if it did the same on Monday, I would take it back. Never got to Monday; broke down and had to be towed 75 miles back home.

General Comments:

The car had passed its MOT 2 days previous, and there were no faults at all with the car; only the slight leak that was pointed out for my information.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2014

28th Mar 2014, 11:46

I would take it back to the people who did the gearbox repair, as they have obviously done something wrong when fixing it!

2001 Volkswagen Polo MPi 1.0 from Egypt


Lovely car


Radiator fan stopped working, and it cost me 200 dollars to fix it.

General Comments:

It's a very nice car for the hard work and too much traveling, and I like its economics in its periodic services.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2010

2001 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 16v from Sweden


Shoddily made


Things that have broken since I bought it:

- Front windscreen allows water in when raining.

- Lights on heater/vent switches gone, temperature adjustment at night is done in the blind.

- ABS sensor gone.

- Front suspension needed to be replaced.

- Clutch required replacing.

- Gearbox makes rattling noise, something loose inside. Usual shoddy VW gearboxes. Won't be long before it goes.

- Transaxle and gearbox came apart while in another country. Car wouldn't move. Spent a day trying to speak Danish. Had to leave the car in Denmark. Still figuring out what to do.

- Catalytic converter rusted to pieces.

- Car still veers to left, even after wheel re-alignment.

- Front brakes wore out very quickly, even though I hardly use them.

General Comments:

Good looking car, pleasure to drive, but a complete pain to own.

Would put me off ever buying anything from VAG again.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2010

2001 Volkswagen Polo MK 3 - Phase 2 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Bought the car in March 2010...

A few weeks after that, the EPC and engine management light came on, took it back, was told it was a loose wire and they cleared the codes...

Two days later, EPC and engine management came back on, took it back... They changed the brake switch...

A couple of week later, EPC and engine management lights came back on and the brakes went out. Took it to the garage, changed the brake switch, problem solved?...

A few weeks later, EPC and engine management light comes on, I monitor this because I'm sick of it! It goes off for a day, then comes back on a day later...

I've not taken it to be looked at, and over the past 2/3 months the lights have come on and gone off every now and then. As far as I know, the lights shouldn't clear themselves, should they!? I thought the faults are stored and can only be cleared in the garage or by disconnecting the battery...?

I've tried to put my finger on what it is, but it's proving difficult. It is not affecting my driving... I can drive as normal with or without the lights and petrol consumption remains the same. I'm choosing to ignore it at present as it is not causing me a problem, however I want it sorting really, especially if I chose to sell the car.

From what I can tell... The light comes on when I'm using the clutch a lot, for example - stuck in traffic. Or if I pull the clutch up too high so the car judders as I'm gonna stall, then when the lights are on, the clutch makes a squeaky noise when I release it, kind of like when a door needs oiling...

Does all this point towards an issue with the clutch?!

Would really appreciate some feedback on this, as it's really confusing and annoying me :)

Thanks in advance.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2010

15th Oct 2014, 15:31

I literally had the exact same problem with my Polo of the same age and model.

I haven't got it sorted as of yet. I got a new clutch thinking that would help, and it didn't do anything. I've heard it was the electronic throttle.

It also cuts out when doing lower revs at cruising speed every 1-2 weeks; very odd.

I'm going to sell it because it just seems too troublesome for me; I'm going to get a newer car.