2001 Volkswagen Polo 1.6 16v from Jordan


If something goes wrong with this car, it is a bad nightmare!!


After 6 months of ownership, I had a major problem with my head gasket; the temperature started to go up, and then it blew up at 237,000 km. The whole engine was replaced.

A major water leak was found in the radiator, and then needed to be replaced too.

The whole steering group was replaced due to a problem in the steering.

After 24 months I replaced the throttle valve due to a major engine starting problem.

General Comments:

I have spent much more money than it was really worth to get this monster working and running all the time.

This car was a major shift in my opinion of VW.

The car is not dependable or reliable.

I would NOT recommend anyone to buy a VW.

It made me scared of buying any VW or German cars.

I'm moving east to Japan; going back to Honda, Toyota or Mitsubishi.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2010

2001 Volkswagen Polo Match 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Strong car, good residuals, shame about the reliability


Crap electrics.

Interior handles were worn when I bought it. Bearing in mind it had 24000 when I bought it, and the previous owner was an old lady, not good.

Had random stalls at lights.

Gearbox went after 50,000.

Pretty much everything mentioned by others who own a Polo facelift, my Polo has had. Shame it was my first car, and I love VW.

General Comments:

Good honest car. just a shame about the faults. Windows, gearbox, central locking.

A basic Volkswagen, but a strong little car to say the least.

The cabin is sophisticated for small car. Typical blue and red dash dials, and looks good in the MATCH models.

Just sent it in for clutch cable or maybe pedal box.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2010

2001 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 16v from Australia and New Zealand


Great smart little quality car


Door trim edges have lifted.

General Comments:

I bought this car at an auction for 7500 NZD with 25k on the clock. It was a Japanese import and I am the first NZ owner.

I bought it because I have had a few VWs before (Golfs) and like them, although they can be a little quirky.

I also bought it in order to keep running costs low, ie fuel, tyres etc. Everything is small on this car, so I figured that things should cost less. And so far so good.

I use it for mainly commuting and the occasional trip out of Auckland. I find it a stylish little car with a bit of a quality feel.

I say little, but I sometimes amaze myself with the amount of stuff I can squeeze into it when I fold the seats down.

I especially like the instrument panel.

It doesn't go fast, the suspension is a bit soft, but I don't mind, this is not a performance car, but a tidy little econo drive.

Nothing really has gone wrong, except the door trim is a little loose where the windows go up and down. This is an automatic too, which works well and is very simple and reliable.

I bought on purpose a low spec one as I know that VWs can be a little unreliable for door electrics, sunroofs etc.

So all in all, very happy. I am amazed to see so many bad reviews for this car. There are loads of them around, so people do buy them in large numbers; that must mean something.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2010

2001 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 from Sweden


Good car with unforgivable flaws, keep away


This Polo has one of the infamous very bad gearboxes, that starts to go after 110 thousand km or so, with whining noises in 1st and 2nd as well as problems to select gears. Only solution is to pull out the gearbox and recondition it, or get a new one. It's a disgrace that the gearbox should go so early, but it appears that VW made some very weak gearboxes around this time. And are trying to wash their hands of the problem, pretending it has nothing to do with them.

On board computer can be a bit iffy too, with ABS and exhaust warning lights coming and going as they please. I just ignore them now.

General Comments:

This car has the potential to be great, but unfortunately has a number of irritating problems. When it goes it goes very well, is comfortable to drive, and the quality of the interior is excellent and still looks very modern after nine years.

VW dealers are cheeky. The car owner manual, unlike any other one I've ever seen, doesn't tell you how to change a bulb, tells you to take it to the dealer instead. So I had to figure out how to do that by myself. Luckily it was similar to other cars. Once the wipers went and I knew I needed a new fuse, and was near the VW dealer, I asked if they could change it. They wanted 100 euros. So I drove through some drizzle to a garage and bought a fuse for 3 euros, and replaced it myself in five minutes.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2010

13th Sep 2011, 09:00

Nice review, awesome car. A Volkswagen Polo will always be the best car for me and my family. I have 1 kid and my wife. Which really suits us to this beautiful car. Thanks for sharing this review.