2001 Volkswagen Polo Confortline 1.2 petrol from Portugal


I just do not sell it because I am still paying it!


Engine fault light appears all the time.

The instrument panel sometimes starts blinking and the light fades off.

The cover of the wheels comes off a lot!

General Comments:

The engine fault orange light appears since the car was 1000 km. Not even after more than 10 times the dealer fixed the problem. The answer they give is that the problem is I drive too much on the city. it’s normal, Polo is a city car!

I am tired of buying them. Now, the car have only 2.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2005

16th Jan 2006, 09:05

Re the Exhaust warning light - I used to see that very frequently, especially when the weather was very cold or very hot (below 0 centigrade, or above 30) ; by the time I had taken it to the dealer the light had "fixed itself". My Polo is 4 years old, and I've just had to pay a fortune on maintenance, over and above the annual service - £300 on a new cam-belt, and I'm having problems with my Throttle housing (another £600 on the way.) It has been a lovely car, but is showing its age now (after only 25000 miles. Its been nice, fun car to drive (very nippy!), especially in the 3-year warranty period, but it is time to get rid of it.

2001 Volkswagen Polo Match 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Overall good, but not as reliable as my previous VW's


Replaced Lambda probe and front downpipe.

Replaced boot lock.

Replaced clutch.

General Comments:

Overall the car is very comfortable and pleasant to drive, for its size.

The 60HP engine is adequate, but no ball of fire. It is fine for the use it is put to, i.e. mostly shortish distances and as the "shopping trolley".

Early in its life it developed a judder on take up in first or reverse. VW had difficulty in diagnosing this, and only accepted there was a problem after the technical manager of the garage came with me in the car. Eventually the clutch was changed, even though VW said it was O.K. It is still not satisfactory.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2004

8th Oct 2005, 01:32

My first polo was bought in 2001. I found it to be very stylish and comfortable. I loved the car! After it’s 30 000 Km service I started having problems with it. When it rained most of it’s electronic parts became wet. The VW dealer was unable to fix the leak. During summer time the engine would cut out after traveling over a distance of 200 Km, but in winter it was fine. My VW dealer was again unable to solve the problem even though the car was still under Warranty. I was forced to sell the car just to get rid of it. Yesterday I again bought a polo and hope that those problems does not arise again.

Overall I find the car very pleasant to drive and for it’s price you get a very luxuries car.

22nd Feb 2006, 07:09

I have had a 2000 Polo Match for 18 months.

It stalls between gears when changing down gears, and I have been told that this is due to a fault in the throttle housing, which needs replaced.

I have also been told that the head gasket needs replacing as water is leaking into the oil.

It has also needed a new clutch bracket and pedal.

I can't afford these repairs and am now looking at selling the car for scrap just to get rid of it. I am fond of the wee car so really regret this.

2001 Volkswagen Polo SE 1.4 (75bhp) from UK and Ireland


Highly stylish, immensely satisfying car to own


Automatic gearbox leak.

Power steering hum (seems to be a characteristic)

Flaking paint on bumper.

Paint blemish on bumper.

General Comments:

The car is very well designed, it has the nose of a Bora (so looks grown up and more serious than the Lupo looking current models) the rear of a Golf and the trendy interior lifted out of a Lupo.

The seats are comfortable, and all textures and materials used are of a very high order. The doors and hatch shut with a satisfying solid noise.

The blue dashboard lights are very cool, and very pleasant to look at.

A very nice car to own and drive, it is very eager to move off the mark, and the engine is surprisingly torquey. Pulling strongly from 1500 rpm.

Alloy wheels could be a bit bigger, and the car is a bit tiresome (due to the engine drone) on the motorway if the revs exceed about 3500rpm (about 70mph).

This to me is the biggest detraction. It reminds you that this is a small car.

The new Polo is much more refined on the motorway and the ride far superior.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2004