30th Jul 2001, 08:25

I have personally had a G40 for 6 years. Apart from the gear-box needing replacing once, I have just had the standard services. This car is truly amazing - it handles like a true sports car and has so much power that it can out-accelerate cars with up to 2.5 engines. Very comfortable to drive, highly responsive, very easy to speed in!

If you can find one, buy it!

31st Jul 2001, 11:56

I live in Ireland and I bought a red G40 1992 last week. It is a great motor with savage power. Great fun to drive.

I cannot believe how rare they are. I was lucky to find one. It's in perfect nick and was quite cheap.

The clutch is very, very stiff.

9th Dec 2001, 14:19

Hi I'm a a 1.3 GT polo driver (i.e a G40 without the charger), we went for this one cause I couldn't get a mortgage to pay for the insurance, a bit older now, I'm desperate for a G40 and am finding it hard to find one that aint been raped.

If you have one please consider yourself lucky.

Even my 1.3 GT out accelerates most 1.0-1.8 8v engines with a 0-60 of 10.5 seconds, it's as fast 0-60 as my bosses BMW 520i.

I started on a 1.0 Polo and I've never looked back, so glad my dad didn't buy me a Nova

13th Jan 2003, 09:42

I've owned a G40 for 3 years now, and after looking for one for about 4 years I found this minter!! alpine white 60,000 miles ,service history, and it was mint, if you can find A GOOD ONE because most of them left now have been abused, buy it, don't worry about the insurance because if you do then you shouldn't be buying a sports car anyway!

15th Apr 2003, 10:10

Have had a G40 for five years, brilliant little car. One mentioned earlier about gearbox going so did mine, common fault perhaps? Had my back box go Volkswagen wanted £200 for new one, in the end got a full stainless for £220. If you actually ask the maker to keep the noise down they sound the same as standard and not like a jump jet.

3rd Jun 2003, 09:52

Do you recon it is easy to put a G40 engine in a 1.0l polo saloon?

9th Jun 2003, 11:35

Hello! I have owned a g40 for the last 3 years. It has now done 140,000 miles.I'm now in the dilemma of should I sell it reluctantly!or hang on to it. Looking through the service records there is no mention of a new charger and I haven't much money to spare! should I sell?

19th Jun 2003, 04:03

Keep it!!! just get the charger re-built by pitstop developments or jabba sport I think its about £200-300.

22nd Nov 2003, 07:22

I have owned a 1991 Polo GT Coupe for 3 Years now. I purchased it with 54,000 miles on the clock completely standard and very well looked after - I have taken this to 108,000 servicing the car every 8,000 miles. A truly reliable and fun car to drive.

I have no wish to sell the car, after 13 years it still gleams when polished (black) and the doors still shut in the original Volkswagen style - lacking on many new 'tinny' cars.

Is there anywhere I can obtain drawings of the exhaust system so I can have a new one made in Stainless - removing the CAT and expanding the life beyond the standard components? Also if I wanted to overhaul the engine by gas flowing the head, fitting a high lift cam, and re-chipping the fuel management who would you recommend (I'm based in West Yorkshire).

15th Dec 2003, 09:23

Hello everybody

I'm writing from Serbia and Montenegro, (province of Kosovo, ex Yugoslavia), I was looking for a small and fast car, and a colleague of mine offered me a VW Polo G40, at first I couldn't believe that it has 133 hp out of 1.3l. I'm thinking of buying it. It was very difficult to find some web page with specifications of this car. Before buy it I wanted to know what is the compression in the cylinders (so that I could compare it with the one I want to buy). I'll be checking this site one of these days, and I see that many people are commenting. I'd be grateful for any comment on the matter that interests me.

6th Feb 2008, 10:09

I have owned my G40 for 2 and a half years and has been a good couple of years. mine is H reg rare Capri green and has done a whopping 220 000 Miles and still goes strong with wheel spin everywhere. just in process of tuning the engine. in 2009 am hoping for close to 200BHP out of the 1.3L. If anyone decides to sell a G40 engine loom and box give me a Email at polo40g@yahoo.co.uk.

5th Aug 2008, 16:24

I have owned my J reg (black) G40 now for 2 years, living in the Midlands Staffordshire I have only seen 2 on the roads. Pushing 140 hp and weighing the same as a bag of sugar, there's not many cars can beat you off the lights.

A great little sports car and only 90 left in England, it only comes out in the dry and would never sell it. If you can find one look after it, it's a collectors item.

28th Nov 2013, 15:49

Can't beat the look on M3 driver's faces when you leave 'em at the lights. With an "is my car broken?" look on their face. Ha ha.