1981 Volkswagen Scirocco 1.6 stock from North America


I will never part with mine


I've had problems with the ignition. When the car gets hot it tends to not turn over.

I've replaced the brakes, axles and exhaust, not because they were bad but because I wanted them upgraded.

I started to get a small rust spot under the front window seal.

General Comments:

The amount of engine noise that travels into the cabin is more then what I prefer. I used dynamat noise blocker on most of my panels to solve that problem.

I also wish it had more top end speed. The fastest I've been able to get is 96mph.

The car handles great. I installed neuspeed springs and sway bars so it turns on a dime.

I also like the fact that with the after market body kit on my car most people are quite surprised it's a Volkswagen. I love the lines on the mk1 Scirocco.

This is my 3rd one. I plan on keeping it for many years. The engine is strong and the whole car is in perfect mechanical shape. I am finding that it is becoming harder and harder to get parts for it and I almost never see these great cars on the road anymore.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2002

1981 Volkswagen Scirocco 1.7 originally from North America


A fun, economical car, worth keeping on the road


The car is twenty years old now so I have replaced some bearings and CV joints.

The motor ran great past 150,000 miles. Slight oil consumption between 3,000 mile oil changes - between half and a full a quart.

Standard valve cover gasket is a two piece made of cork & rubber. Replacing this with the one piece all rubber Corrado gasket means no more leaks.

Cars of this age reflect the previous ownership and maintenance. I have not had any great problems.

General Comments:

1981 is the last year of the original Mk1 body style. I think is a classic shape and enjoy looking at it almost as much as driving it.

It is a great platform for modifications; by pulling from the VW/Audi parts bin you can increase your performance without affecting reliability.

Like any car of a certain age they sometimes have personalities, proper preventative maintenance will go a long way towards having an enjoyable experience in ownership.

The Scirocco is a great car to drive. It can put a smile on your face with it's nimbleness and responsive handling.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2001

28th Jun 2001, 00:34

I have one myself, great car!!! I love it!!! Engine lasted until my brother ran it without water, but it was about 160000, so I took the time and upgraded it to a 1.8 engine, how sweet it is!!

Have to keep it well tuned, since the computer and everything else is for a smaller engine, but the new engine fits in there like it was supposed to be there since the beginning.

One more thing, burnt one of those new "racing" cars out there, was laughing my ass off!!! Will definitely keep it, I feel it is a classic. Like I said, last of that model. Go Scirrocos!!!