1997 Volkswagen Sharan CL+ TDI 90ps from Netherlands


Nice if you don't drive!


* Aircon doesn't work well and smells like old shoes.

* Dynamo cracked down twice.

* Eats front tires.

* Bad interior quality, looks cheap (probably is) and is made of a poor sort of plastic.

* No powered windows; bad mirrors.

* Turbo wires replaced.

* Lots of smoke from this raw engine. Not fast at all (sounds fast).

* Gearbox problems on several occasions.

* Strange sounds come from the engine when accelerating (like being chased by a police car).

* Bad service. Bring it with a problem; get it back after a week at least one other.

* Interior lights just fall out of the sky during braking.

* Spare parts come from Wladiwostok or so. Takes 6 days to replace a clutch.

General Comments:

This car is in use as a taxi in the company I work for in Holland. From day 1 there were problems. A leather interior was fitted to it. Result: the doors wouldn't close because of too big door panels.

Several problems haunted this Sharan TDI since.

Everytime, sending it to the dealer meant missing it for days and days. By the way, all the myths about TDIs... a 90ps engine is nothing. If you have six persons on board, you have a problem if they're in a hurry.

This car is very much needed for its extra seats. Try a Vito when it goes back for eternity next October!

Some good things: nice speakers/stereo; adjustable steering wheel; eh... good view for the passengers... eh..

Bad seats (too flat); pain in all of our backs.

There is so much more! Just remember... a Sharan is nice for a family, but if real qualities are needed... take a Benz or a Volvo! Also remember that all spares (interior) come from Portugal. So take a Seat Alhambra which is the same car for a normal price.

It's a pity that Sharan 1 series was built like this. Taxi companies are in need of these cars, but improve quality with 100%!

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Review Date: 11th September, 2000

1997 Volkswagen Sharan GL 1.9i turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Drivers seat jolts back and forth, clonk from underneath - have been advised that the steering column assay was loose, numerous plastic trim parts broken, light bulbs.

General Comments:

Great drive, comfortable and spacious, brilliant 110hp engine and amazing fuel economy for the size of vehicle.

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Review Date: 10th January, 1999