2nd Mar 2010, 01:34

If you want to be a happy person, save money, don't want panic attacks or depression, then don't buy this car... it is a waste of money. Problem after problem.

Fan was working all the time, so I took it to the VW stealership. It took them 1 month to fix the problem, because they could not find anything. It cost me 1500. Now same problem again.

Also the engine light always comes up.

Flat tire light always comes up. Bad sensor.

So bad on gas.

Don't buy VW in general.

4th Oct 2010, 18:05

I love my Touareg, but it doesn't love me. We bought it used in June 2009.. it's now October 2010 and we've had it in for service no less than 7 times. Thankfully we bought an extended aftermarket warranty on it, however it has become such a headache that we're selling it.

15th Nov 2010, 22:37

Ahahhaha. I would have to say, I have one, and it sits in my driveway, and I take the GMC instead.

This thing is worse than a boat, horrible on gas, and any real problems that you need VW to look at, you might as well drop a hammer onto yourself from a 10-story building, it would feel nicer. I cannot say how mad I get talking to the dealership, they know very little about what they do. Sad really when I go into there and properly diagnose an issue that they are "stumped about" time and time again. Then they have the nerve to strongarm these little girls that come in and try and get service. I had to chew into the service advisers for a girl in line. It was hilarious.

If you bought one, sorry... but get a warranty.

20th Mar 2011, 07:34

Bought the V8 Touareg in Dec 2010. I must say the car is so much fun and easy to drive, despite the many sophisticated toys you have in it. As I live in Kenya, my partner and I drove to the Maasai Mara. The Touareg was able to drive up really steep gorges with effortless demeanor. At one stage, the hill was rocky and at an almost 45 degree angle... the car literally made minced meat of the hill. That is when I gained my respect for the Touareg.

Pros - cruise control works fine, comfortable, fast and intimidating.

A few cons about it though... the annoying beeps when you don't buckle up. I am not able to distinguish the ride difference when I am in comfort mode or sport mode! Fuel economy is not the greatest, but which SUV is economical anyway.. anything above 4.2 litres is a guzzler!

All in all, I would definitely recommend this baby... it looks much better than its sister, the Cayenne, and the interior is the best. Looks like a cockpit.

9th Mar 2013, 19:14

I would in my own experience feel that to wear out two sets of tires in 27k miles borders on a very aggressive driving style.

13th Sep 2013, 11:44

I would agree. VW's are expensive to repair, and if you own a VW, you will be on first name basis with your service department. I actually think of how many people drive a VW and do not know what they did. I have a friend that owns a new Golf R, and he has so many electrical problems. The VW service is the poorest I have ever experienced in 40 years of owning cars. Do yourself a favor and buy a Japanese car. As they say, the difference is you can start a Japanese car up in NY and drive it to California. If you own a German car, you will stop at a dealership along the way. I lived in Germany for 10 years, and all of my German friends drove Japanese cars. That says it all.

12th Jun 2014, 23:05

2004 Touareg with 108k.

Just bought with some known issues, i.e.: front window regulator needed etc. Nothing major.

Now just having the car three months, every sensor is going... tire pressure, coolant, airbag, and just yesterday the oil pressure light! This car is a headache and is not worth it. Repairs are expensive, and the dealer only has a little knowledge of the Touareg.


25th Feb 2016, 03:28

Bought a 2008 Touareg 2 V-8. Have driven it 90,000 miles and gone through three sets of tires and three brake jobs at about $3,000 a pop. It's a great SUV, but incredibly expensive maintenance. Would not do it again.