Transporter T32 2.0

You're just paying for the badge. 10k more than a Renault Trafic. Nuts

151 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment


Transporter T28 SWB 1.9 TDI turbo diesel

Overhyped, overpriced, unreliable

127 words, UK and Ireland

Transporter T5 TDI 2.5 turbo diesel

The new generation of van

106 words, UK and Ireland


Transporter 128kw 2.5 turbo diesel

The best work companion I've ever had!

451 words, Australia and New Zealand


Transporter 2.4 diesel

Best van going

140 words, UK and Ireland


Transporter 2.4 diesel

Buy it only if it's serviced on time with original parts

63 words, Turkey


Transporter T4 2.0 petrol

Worth considering, better than many

125 words, Australia and New Zealand