2013 Volkswagen up White 1.0 gas 75 HP from France


Little quirky marvel


A few things have gone wrong. The driver's seat was making a strange noise, but was promptly fixed by the dealer (changed the whole structure), and the steering had a tendency to pull to the left that was somehow fixed with a software upgrade.

General Comments:

The car is the 3 door white limited edition with special white wheels and special seats. It has all the frills, including the glass roof that can be opened.

I am 1.92 cm tall, weigh around 115 kg and I fit in the car. There is not much room to spare, but I fit.

The car's engine is a little marvel. It is a 3 cylinder engine that loves to rev up and delivers 75 HP; more than enough for such a little car.

The dashboard is particularly nice in this car, featuring a retro-futuristic look, with a white enamel finish, chrome accents and multi-function screens.

The boot is surprisingly big, and there is room for 2 adults on the back seat. Tight, but they fit.

The car is well finished, looks a bit quirky and has personality.

The gas mileage is very good unless you push it to the limits.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2015

2012 Volkswagen up Move Up! from UK and Ireland


Great little car, remember what it's designed for though


Nothing yet!!

General Comments:

Bought this car for my wife. Wanted something cheap to run & tax.

Lovely car, great engine, quick enough for normal driving conditions, ride is a little uncomfortable on country roads, but saying that this is really a city car, so can't complain too much.

Brought the 5 door version, as our children are now 5 & 10, & the car has loads of leg room in the back for them. Also like the pop out windows in the back. It stops the kids winding down windows at 70mph, & getting that horrible thudding noise the wind makes.

The car has power steering, A/C, remote locking, and quite a big boot (enough for school bags, or a weeks worth of shopping).

Fuel mileage is great. Our previous car (1.6 Astra automatic) use to use around £40 a week in petrol; this uses £44 a fortnight.

Overall, a nice small car, with lots of cabin space. Only issue I have got is the radio display is a little bright when driving on a night, and you can't turn the brightness down. Besides that, it ticks all the right boxes.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2014

2013 Volkswagen up 1.0 3 cylinder petrol from Australia and New Zealand


The first "People's Car" in years that's actually a People's Car.


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

Pros: Handling, performance, refinement, build quality, efficiency, simple and a bit retro, whilst using cutting edge technologies (i.e. Maps+More, automatic city emergency braking system), looks sharp, inexpensive for a VW.

Cons: Slightly firm ride on country roads, slightly uncomfortable seats, gratuitous exclamation mark in the name.

I've had my up! for a couple of weeks now, and generally I am very happy with it.

The handling is entertaining, and it's a lot of fun to punt through twisty country roads. The engine, despite being only 1.0 litres, is really very responsive. This car does not feel slow at all. You might need to change gears a little more than you do in a bigger car, but the gear change is a joy to use.

Even when you are giving the car a bit of a caning, you can't actually hear or feel anything that would suggest the car is struggling. It is very refined and quiet for what it is - even as it pushes north of 6,000 RPM, it sounds very quiet and composed for what it is (I've always pushed my cars extra hard during the running in period, it seems to make them feel more responsive and doesn't do the lifespan any harm at all).

Whilst VW have obviously spent money on engineering this car, the cost cutting is obvious. Some of it is quite charming, and actually gives this car some sort of retro appeal (painted metal around the doors, no light in the boot, pop-out rear windows).

Because it's so simple and relatively cheap, the up! is probably the closest VW has come to replicating the basic but competent charm of the original Type 1 Beetle. This is a much more authentic retro experience than the New Beetle ever was. It actually reminds me of a modern take on the original Mini in terms of shape and footprint.

Despite the fact it does have the basic People's Car vibe to it, it's obvious that VW hasn't cut back on other more important areas, such as making sure the doors close with a solid 'thud'. It makes every other city car feel like a sardine tin in comparison.

Fuel consumption is a strong point. Even with the enthusiastic driving I've been partaking in as part of the running-in process, I'm using 6.0l per 100km. Once this car is properly run in and I drive it more sedately, I'm expecting to see the claimed 4.9l/100km without having to drive like a granny.

The Maps+More system (sat nav, Bluetooth, trip computer etc) is worth spending the extra money on. It is an AUD$500 option; given that most manufacturers charge at least double that for sat nav alone, it's good value for money.

About the only things I don't like about the up! are the slightly uncomfortable driver's seat (although this might be because I sit in a slightly odd driving position for my build), the slightly bumpy ride on country roads (but this car is very short with a wheel in each corner; blame the laws of Physics for that one) and some of more obvious cost cutting that would have been a game-changer during my purchasing negotiations i.e. only getting one remote central locking key. I'm also not a huge fan of the cheesy and unnecessary exclamation mark in the name, either.

Overall, the up! is a very good city car. However, if you can get the seating position just right, then you could easily bump 'very good' up to 'excellent'.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2013

19th May 2013, 14:08

I am not sure about thrashing a new engine and it not harming them.

21st Mar 2015, 15:23

Me neither... although, in my experience, telling 99% of owners to run their vehicles in is a waste of breath.