1962 Volvo 121 1.8 B from Netherlands


Amazon ruled the world in 1965, and rules the world in 2005!


1992. Amazon wouldn't start anymore. Fixing took 11 years.

General Comments:

Due to the classical looks and the great performance, everyone looks at you.

In the Netherlands it's hardly affordable to drive this car.

Volvo stills pulls my attention, but thanks to financial problems Citroen is now becoming my car.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2005

10th Oct 2005, 10:49

I'm from the netherlands too, but I can't agree it's hardly affordable to drive an amazon over here.

I've driven one on a daily bases. my amazon isn't a very good example there I wasn't that good and already rusty when I bought it, but when I've had bought an better amazon I'm sure I would still be driving it today.

When you really had spend time on the car it wouldn't have taken 11 years to fix your problem.

1965 Volvo 121 1.8 from UK and Ireland


An excellent strong easy to maintain car


Touch wood nothing yet.

Have replaced most seat cushions with good second hand ones.

There is some play in the prop shaft which needs looking at.

Steering wheel had to be centered.

General Comments:

I love the look of the car, it has a lot of style.

Automatic gearbox isn't the fastest thing around, but it allows you to hang onto the steering wheel, and makes relaxed driving in town..

Seats are very comfortable and easy to clean.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2005

15th Sep 2014, 18:17

Well nearly 10 years on and I still have the car. In 2008 I fitted twin SC carbs and a sports exhaust.

48 years young and the car still has its original sills (which are now full of Dinitrol treatment).

Still very happy.

16th Sep 2014, 19:33

Amazing! All the best with your car.

1967 Volvo 121 Amazon 1.8 R4 petrol from Denmark


Great style and a economical, usable classic


For a nearly forty year old car.. not much.

The slave cylinder operating the clutch started leaking about 9000 kms ago. Was replaced: cost 150 USD.

The differential decided to call it a day about 8000 kms ago (a rare fault according to the garage). It was replaced with a used one: Cost incl labour: 900 USD.

General Comments:

Acc: 0-100 km/h around 21 Secs (Actually tested)

Maximum Speed: 148 km/h (VERY loud)

Fuel Consumption, Very thirsty. Octane 98 Leaded (Will do with 95) ; When not very careful 6 km/l. At constant 75 km/t 11 km/l. On a recent beer-fetching trip to Germany while maintaining a steady 90Km/h with 2 persons and 15 cases of beer, it averaged 11,5 Km7L.

Good brakes. Compensates for the lack of directional stabilty...

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2003

15th Jan 2006, 12:21

You need to get an engine tuneup. 0-100 in 21 seconds is a lot. The fuel consumption pretty much saids the same. Something is wrong.

It should be able to do 0-100 in 15 seconds.

My dads 121 does 13-14 km´s/litre at 100km/h.

(same engine as yours)

1966 Volvo 121 Amazon 1.8 liter (B 18) single carb from Sweden


Very rusty, but quite trusty


It is quite rusty. I replaced the hood, but need to replace the grille, doors and bumpers too.

New carburetor, brake pads, fuel pump.

If you trust the speedometer this car goes 180 km/h! (Yes, you're right, the speedometer isn't in good condition!)

General Comments:

Volvo 121/122/220 series is one of the most reliable cars ever built. You can't wear out the B 18 engine (though earlier cars are equipped with the B16, which is not as good).

But like most of the cars from this era, they rust too much.

It doesn't have much comfort. Though it had more than most cars of the time, but it is soon a 50 year old construction.

It has very good performance for its age. And I love the design which is a mix of Chevrolet 1953, Chevrolet 1955, Chrysler 1955 and if I remember right, the steering wheel looks the same in Ford 1950.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2003