1992 Volvo 240 GL B230F (2.3L I4) from North America


Can't beat it!


Turn signal relay had to be replaced ($6.00)

I have replaced other things by choice, not by necessity.

General Comments:

I bought this 240 GL to help with rising fuel costs 8 months ago. I have been extremely pleased with the car. It's perfect for someone who wants to drive something different, but doesn't want the maintenance costs of other older euro cars.

Yes it's slow, but unless you race people on a daily basis you'll get used to it.

The fuel economy is good, but not great at around 25 mpg.

The handling and braking are good.

I primarily use the car to commute to college daily and it is perfect. The car can turn on a dime and is unexplainably reliable. It has been the most reliable and cheapest car to operate that I have ever owned.

Being the GL model, it has a few tricks up its sleeve like a manual sunroof, heated mirrors, and heated seats.

It's very simple and boxy. Parts can be VERY expensive if you don't shop around, but a little shopping around will save you tons.

Finding a solid, well maintained 240 is getting hard and they are fetching top dollar, but they are really in a class of there own. I'll have my 240 for years to come and will enjoy being different.

In today's economic crisis, the 240 makes sense. No car payment, Very little maintenance costs, and cheap insurance (<$250/ yr). I would highly recommend an older Volvo to anyone.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2008

23rd Dec 2008, 10:29

These old 240 Volvos never seem to die. I counted 18 of them one morning when I went jogging close to the University of New Mexico (USA). It is pretty dry here and cars don't rust away so its kind of entertaining to pay attention to what people keep driving.

1992 Volvo 240 2.3 from North America




This car sucked.

Loved the ride and handling and did great in the snow.

Loved the styling.

It was in the shop every 3-4 months.

I bought it because it was supposed to be reliable. Not so much.

Parts were expensive.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2008

23rd Apr 2008, 12:40


100K in 4 years on a auto that had 145K to start with?? That's a lot of driving for an older car.

At that level of usage, you should expect to put some time into the car. I suppose most of these little runs to the shop could have been fixed by you the owner for half the cost and time. Research your next purchase wisely!

4th Sep 2009, 21:35

Yes, sounds a bit unfair. That's a lot of miles and you don't know how the last owner treated it.

1992 Volvo 240 2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine from North America




Ignition contact switch went out at 155,000.

Headlight relay went out at 158,000.

General Comments:

This car is way better then my 89 Civic hatch. I love how it keeps up on the freeway, but best of all, Cops let you drive by when your hitting 90 mph because it's a Volvo. The car is in perfect shape from a little TLC when I got it. Car looks brand new inside and out. Best investment I've ever made.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2005

1992 Volvo 240 GL from North America


We love this car


Needs a new battery, and am getting one this weekend.

We will put the radio back to a Volvo standard, as the current radio isn't as good.

Original Volvo radio speakers are fizzling out, and we'll replace those.

We'll pull the bumper back out, as the previous owner probably backed into something.

We will replace the driver's seat, as the stuffing and support has gone out of this seat (a 300 lb. man reportedly drove this car for years).

Otherwise, routine maintenance and repair... very normal for this year of car.

General Comments:

I'm giggling with glee as I type this. This is my husband's chosen "hobby car," and he's always wanted a 240, as he had one when he was younger (a 79). This one is exceptional, and for less than a thousand USD, we couldn't pass this near perfect car up. In our part of the USA, this car would run 2K-3K.

The price alone is something to just crow about.

However, the turning radius on this car is outstanding... better than our 940GLE and 740 Turbo Intercooler.

The safety? Outstanding. We are wrapped in steel, and feel very secure.

This car accelerates very nicely onto the interstate, and pulls hills well.

The interior is simplistic and minimal, and suits us just fine.

We are very impressed with the heater on the car, as we are on all of our Volvos.

If anyone knows of a 1992 or 1993 240 for sale, buy one. You will rarely be disappointed. Volvo finished up the series of this wonderful "Swedish Tank" in 1993, and it's a very simple work of art. Very safe, very heavy, very timeless art.

I sure wish Ford would make a "retro 240" like VW has remade the Bug so successfully.

The one caveat? You have to love Volvos, and we certainly do.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

8th Oct 2005, 10:18

Agree with everything except the part about the acceleration.

240's may be safe, but they are bog-slow.