1992 Volvo 240 GLE Wagon 2.3 from Australia and New Zealand


Bloody good car!


Broke one front shock driving on National Park gravel roads, due to over-sized 16" Hydra wheels and overly stiff aftermarket sway bars. One should not screw around too much with the stock suspension if you like it comfortable and reliable! Lesson learnt.

Odometer stopped due to heat wear. Easy fix.

Alternator regulator wore out. Uses replaceable regulator! Easy fix.

Rear tailgate central locking wiring broke. Easy fix.

Central locking works to lock, but not to unlock.

Rear seat folding lever broken.

Interior light door switches had to be replaced (cheap - buy direct fit suitable substitutes from Jaycar if you're in Australia)

Reverse some times fails to work - probably needs a readjustment of gear lever linkage.

Antenna broke - easy to replace with aftermarket.

Driver's side door hinge spring broke. Common problem. Easy fix.

General Comments:

What a great iconic car.

Took me from Sydney to Perth, around a lot of WA and then back! 10,000km in 4.5 weeks.

Steering and handling are very old fashioned in feel, but this car is designed to last a long long time.

Cheap to buy and own.

Very fuel efficient for a large car.

Suggest that people look for cloth trims models instead of leather ones that tend to get worse for wear in these older cars if not looked after (most aren't).

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2009

26th Dec 2009, 21:46

Hi mate, just thinking to get my 1st Volvo and making decision between '93 240 and '95/'96 850s. It's interesting to see you went from 850 to 240 - any major issues with the 850? My gut feeling is telling me to take a flight down to Melbourne to get the 240 and drive it back to Sydney. Thanks for your review. Happy driving.


4th Sep 2010, 04:56

I am the original poster:

I didn't go from an 850 (T5) to a 240. I own both. The 240 is my weekend or long distance driving car. They each have their pros and cons. The 850 clearly looks more presentable ;-) and has heaps more go. I installed an ECU upgrade, and it's now got 420Nm of torque and more kW that I ever need for normal driving.

The 240 however is the car I'd bet my life on for very long roadtrips, and if I need to haul lots of things at the back (it's a wagon). I can camp 'in' the car if need to on roadtrips as it's pretty comfy when you put in self-inflating camping mat. It's really easy to DIY maintain and repair, so a good car if you're into long distance driving trips like me. I carry a lot of spares in the storage well at the back.

I hope you got a nice 240 in the end. I too bought my from Melbourne and drove home to Sydney in it!

Word of caution: whilst it is a reliable car in general, it needs to be maintained for it to be reliable, like all cars. Use a good quality oil and change it every 5000km. If you don't know when the engine oil, the auto trans oil, timing belt and other belts were last changed, change them right away including all three engine seals in front. I'd also put in a new alternator regulator and clean out the flame trap including the oil trap box. Parts are cheap (e.g., AU$19 for a MOOG branded ball joint), but make sure you use quality ones that last.

The only vehicle I'd trade up from the 240 is a VW Kombi ;-)

1992 Volvo 240 GL B230F (2.3L I4) from North America


Can't beat it!


Turn signal relay had to be replaced ($6.00)

I have replaced other things by choice, not by necessity.

General Comments:

I bought this 240 GL to help with rising fuel costs 8 months ago. I have been extremely pleased with the car. It's perfect for someone who wants to drive something different, but doesn't want the maintenance costs of other older euro cars.

Yes it's slow, but unless you race people on a daily basis you'll get used to it.

The fuel economy is good, but not great at around 25 mpg.

The handling and braking are good.

I primarily use the car to commute to college daily and it is perfect. The car can turn on a dime and is unexplainably reliable. It has been the most reliable and cheapest car to operate that I have ever owned.

Being the GL model, it has a few tricks up its sleeve like a manual sunroof, heated mirrors, and heated seats.

It's very simple and boxy. Parts can be VERY expensive if you don't shop around, but a little shopping around will save you tons.

Finding a solid, well maintained 240 is getting hard and they are fetching top dollar, but they are really in a class of there own. I'll have my 240 for years to come and will enjoy being different.

In today's economic crisis, the 240 makes sense. No car payment, Very little maintenance costs, and cheap insurance (<$250/ yr). I would highly recommend an older Volvo to anyone.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2008

23rd Dec 2008, 10:29

These old 240 Volvos never seem to die. I counted 18 of them one morning when I went jogging close to the University of New Mexico (USA). It is pretty dry here and cars don't rust away so its kind of entertaining to pay attention to what people keep driving.