3rd Jul 2004, 21:34

My 240 has about 157K miles on it. I'm the somewhat satisfied second owner. Already put in over $5500 since 2001 to bring it back to life. Changed the fuel pumps, brake pads, shocks, radiator, rear lights, gaskets and adjusted the timing belt. I'm commenting here because I agree with the previous point of diminishing returns. I really want to stop paying for repairs and just have my Volvo go. My wife's 1990 Nissan Sentra offers an ass-boring ride, but has only needed 30% of my Volvo's total maintenance & repair expenditures. Hmmmm. I've done a lot of calculating and thinking about whether to dump my 240.

My decision - stick with it unless the repair costs accelerate. I need a reliable family car, but I do not want to purchase a new $25,000 sedan. I'm want to keep this Volvo running for the longer term and spend the couple thousand dollars per year on replacement parts, tune-ups and repairs at my independent Volvo shop. I figure if I reach a point where I exceed $2000 per year in repairs, I will have to let it go. Am I making progress on the 240's health or am I dreaming? Any comments on my comment are welcome. Thanks.


10th Aug 2006, 16:30

It's probably a little late, and I hope you've already figured it out, but for the reference of others, when you get no response from an otherwise OK (seeming) car upon turning the key, try having someone carefully tap the starter motor with a screwdriver to see if it'll then crank the engine- if it does, you need a new starter.

31st Aug 2007, 12:47

All negative comments are correct; most new parts for these cars are very expensive. One must consider the high quality of the engine block, body and interior of the Volvo 240 (I have owned four and have massive repair experience) against keeping a 114 hp old car running. At least the cops ignore you.

27th Mar 2008, 01:39

A common problem with the 240 not starting, assuming it does crank is the fuel pump relay switch. It costs about $25.00 and is easily located under the glove box. It is usually a white "Box" looking thing about the size of a wall nut. It has several prongs on one end and simply plugs in, Piece of cake to change. One way to check is to turn the key to the on position and listen for a faint hum from the fuel pump.

5th Dec 2008, 00:28

Pbbbbt... with 2.8 million 240s made there has to be a few that aren't "perfect." I am sorry that yours happens to be one of them, but you have to agree, they are a great car. I have had 4 240 series volvos, and they have all performed splendidly. My '84 GL wagon had 320k on it when I sold it, and my current DD, an '87 240 DL has 244k miles on it. Little things that are wrong with the car do not bother me.

Yes, Volvos are expensive to maintain/fix, but, it was never designed as a throw away car, this is why the parts are expensive. They are quality parts, and yes, occasionally you get a bad one (There may be plenty of reasons for 2 rads in 200k miles), but you would be hardpressed to disagree, Volvos are great cars, and are almost unstoppable.