1987 Volvo 240 GL B230 from Australia and New Zealand


Best car I have owned


AMM died suddenly.

Brake lights a bit dodgy.

Smells a little funny after rain.

Boot leaks in heavy rain.

Unidentified stains on the back seat.

General Comments:

I love this old girl. I even love her bullbar.

Bought her as a temporary measure, but she keeps soldiering on.

She has nearly 500,000km on her, but goes better than a lot of other cars with half that.

My AMM blew, but it was cheap and easy to fix.

I drive on nearly 1600kms of dirt roads a month, and she floats along them. I have broken 4WDs taking them where she goes. I cannot sing enough praise for her.

She cost me $100.00; worth 100 times this in my eyes.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2012

1987 Volvo 240 DL 2.3L from North America


Immortal Indestructible Tank


Timing chain in 1995.

Harmonic balancer in 2009.

Recirculating heater hose in 2000.

Driver's side door handles and driver's side window have failed (currently need to go to a parts yard and fetch some components!).

Radio died in the mid-to-late 1990's, and was dead up until 2 years ago (replaced).

Dash cracked from heat within 6 months.

Headlights and tail lights need to be replaced due to age.

New radiator in 2009.

New cap, rotor and wires and plugs in 2009.

Odometer broke in 2000. Mileage estimates based on yearly travel.

Center console broke in 2010, fixed it in 2011!

Hood latch stopped working properly in 2011.

Small electrical issues have arisen in the last few years.

Wiring insulation has started to crumble away; fixed with electrical tape and heat shrink tubing.

General Comments:

This car is a tank, it has survive careless drivers rolling into it, and it has survived an accident with no real damage (can't say the same for the other car).

It has taken a real beating over the years, been exposed to the elements, and was driven across the United States, twice. I was practically raised in this car, and now I'm driving it.

It just doesn't quit, and whenever it does, it will be rebuilt to go another 24 years. My children will likely be driving this car at some point in time.

Shame Volvo doesn't make these like this anymore.

The interior is just beginning to fade, plastics, well these have rotted away.

Contrary to many people who claim these cars are expensive to maintain, this car has been very cheap to fix over the years. Many parts are no more expensive than parts you'd get for a Honda. It's just that many shady mechanics tend to charge you an arm and a leg because it's "European", when in reality, these cars have the simplicity of a 1950's car. Most parts are incredibly cheap, and make me cry when I look at the parts for my '96 BMW. Sadly, many of the same mechanics will intentionally break things or neglect potential issues to soak you. My mother learned that the very expensive way, and almost got rid of the car.

All it needed were some cheap components and about 30 minutes of work, and it has been running strong since.

I heard a Swedish saying about these cars years ago.

"All you need to keep a Volvo 240 running is oil and a hammer. Oil to keep things lubricated, a hammer to bang out the rust." Luckily with the 1987 model year, the hammer is no longer necessary :)

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Review Date: 20th July, 2011

22nd Sep 2011, 20:15

I have an '87 240 with 325K miles in 2002 when odometer quit. I gave it to my granddaughter. She drove it between S.F. and L.A. for 5 years, gave it back in 2009, and I still like driving it better than my 2 newer cars. Its last big trip was L.A. to WA. A/C still works, but tires, brakes and upgraded radio have been my major expense. It's nickname is "Queen of Corrosion."