1987 Volvo 240 DL 2.3 Gasoline from North America


A safe car for a safe price


Replaced head gaskets at 210,000 miles.

The seats have started to wear badly.

Replaced the power steering pump.

Changed belts.

General Comments:

I got this car when I turned 16, It has survived my teenage years, and is in the process of making it through my college years too.

I have been told the styling is boxy, but I just refer to it as classic.

It does everything pretty well. It's a tough little car. I have been in 2 wrecks and I have walked out fine each time. I was rear ended both times and was really pleased with how well the car protected me.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2002

1987 Volvo 240 DL (DeLux) 2.3 Liter from North America


Reliable, Classy, Nice to the wallet


This car has been a dream. Nothing wrong to this date just put gas in the sucker and change the oil when needed about every 2700 miles.

General Comments:

Older engines in general loose compression and power all together. This Volvo 240 DL was purchased for 1600.00 dropped from 2900.00 (I'm a good negotiator). This engine is in great running condition and purrs like a kitten. 180,000 miles and still going strong. Comfortable for long trips. Reliable for that reason too. Looks, Runs and makes me feel great about Volvo period. Will probably buy Volvo till the bitter end.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2002

1987 Volvo 240 GL 2.3 from UK and Ireland


An indestructible well built comfortable tank!


Only things to go wrong with the car.

Tail gate electrics packed up completely.

The clutch slave cylinder blew, easily repaired.

General Comments:

I bought this Volvo as a cheap hack and intend to run it into the ground towing large car transporter trailers around the country. So far the swedish brick has defied all my attempts at its destruction. The engine still runs like it is new, consumes no oil and never overheats.

Fuel economy is also excellent, I get atleast 30 mpg if I keep the revs very low and drive gently (not towing of course!). These cars have a bad reputation for drinking fuel, but mine is not at all bad in my opinion.

The cars I tow with the volvo are for racing and frequently I race other volvo estates. They are fine for relaxed cruising, but drive on agressively on a track and you run the risk of it rolling over! These cars can become very unstable when abused!

240000 miles and still going strong, I am amazed at this car. The abuse and weight it has to carry and it still comes back for more. At this mileage it is on borrowed time, but still shows no sign of dying. It has covered many thousands of miles towing more than its own weight without needing to stop to cool off or breaking down.

Soon the car will be consigned to the banger track like its cousins as serious rot in the door pillar and top of the sills has taken hold. Rust on these cars is uncommon, but for some reason 1987 models seem to be a lot more rot prone.

They are very comfortable cars, quite fast and very roomy. Driving the 240 gives you a lot of confidence. The brakes are excellent and so is the steering. Easily the best car I've ever owned. Only problem is, they are slightly boring!

As soon as this one is consigned to history I'm going to buy another. I would reccomend them to anybody.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2002

17th Mar 2005, 08:22


The Volvo didn't get banger raced. When I was offered a 740 estate very cheaply, I sold the 240 to someone from Devon for spares or repairs. He said he would simply run it into the ground, 3 years later and the old tank is still on the road and has somehow found its way back up to Birmingham. I see it tootling about regularly. Old Volvos never die! Even the rust on the rear wheel arch hasn't got any worse. Really wish id kept it now.

15th Jun 2005, 13:21


I recently went to the local breakers yard, looking for parts for my 1991 940 estate, and there she was. Windows smashed, panels dented and under 2 other cars. My old volvo! 260K. Not bad at all!

D339 SAW- rust in peace.

1987 Volvo 240 DL standard from North America


It's a great car that is reliable and (of course) safe!


Part of the exhaust needed replacement after 100,000.

Gear shifter knob came off at around 160,000.

Outside door handle came off at around 80,000.

Cup holders on the doors broke off at some point.

Brake pads were replaced either once or twice.

Surprisingly, we got rid of it due to rusting out of the bottom of the car.

Air conditioner needed to be recharged (we just didn't bother).

Various noises were emanating from various places of the car.

Started to stall out until it was warmed up at about 175,000.

General Comments:

My dad purchased this car in 1987, and it was the one I was allowed to drive when I turned 16. By then it had about 170,000 (if not more) miles on it.

Not only did this car survive the abuse my father put it through (it was never garaged a day in its life, oil changes happened maybe every 5000 miles, it suffered the abuses of a small child, a messy adult, a dog (who managed to break much of the plastic between the seats), and it was somewhat neglected and abused, and the list goes on...), it also survived me learning to drive stick shift.

The original clutch was in the car when we sold it, and this was after I started out at an intersection on a hill in third gear and proceeded to cross the intersection. What was left of the clutch at that point was smoking and smelled like you wouldn't believe. Anyway, high praises and see my review of my 1992 (which is kept in better condition and is here at school with me)!

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Review Date: 14th October, 2001