17th Jul 2005, 10:51

I did not experience the audible sounds you have experienced. I don't know about the connection between the transmission and the AC. I think if you want to keep your investment in this VOLVO, you probably need to keep it comfortable, and that means replacing the AC condenser. I would suggest that you try to find a mechanic from Europe. Getting the dealer to put in the AC is not something that I would recommend, simply because it costs too much. My mechanic is Dutch. He is much experienced at diagnosing aches and pains, because in Europe he worked on so many Volvos. I live in Florida. He's faster at that job, and that saves me money. I would have sold my VOLVO if I had not made the decision to replace the AC. Since my entry I have invested even more in my VOLVO.

$723 - music system and replacement window tinting (Actually it was a gift)

$1,608 - body work and a paint job.

$40 - newer more rounded hub caps from an auto parts store,

$214 tail light

$192 - tires

$140 - hood latch and cable (A must!)

$135 - drive belts and thermostat.

If your car needs something and you can afford it, you can probably have confidence that it is worth the investment. You will be more likely to keep this safe car (and all the money it is saving you in car payments, taxes, and insurance!) if feel comfortable driving around in it. Some people are taking care of these work horses and they are lasting over 300,000 miles!

I hope you can get the AC so you can enjoy driving this great car!

12th Sep 2005, 20:37

I have a '91 240 wagon since new, here in Canada. It has over 250,000 Miles on it and is my primary vehicle. The air doesn't work real good, but hey, I'm in Canada how hot does it really get? I have used Synthetic oil since new and it burns less than a Quart between changes. I have the car oil sprayed anually and that keeps the rust at bay. The car looks new and I have never waxed it. It has a clear coat and apparantly never needs waxing. Other than being underpowered It's a good solid car. I don't see the reason for changing it until it wears out. I'll probably be in a home by then.

Regards Robbie.

22nd Oct 2005, 15:22

I love my 1991 Volvo 240; mileage is only 76,000 miles and in the past year I've had to replace the water pump, muffler, and computer chip (engine just "died" on the highway, but I was able to restart and drive home using the gas pedal and brakes. Before this I didn't have any major repairs, aside from replacing the freon fed air conditioner (?) which was covered by my warranty.

Aside from an oil change every three months, I really don't know what else I can do in the area of preventive maintenance. I try to have the car detailed every three to four months, but I have what looks like crazing and little pits in the original paint on the car's roof. No one seems to know the cause. Would appreciate input.

14th Jan 2006, 21:39

I think you should have the car painted. The body shop could buff down the problem paint and prepare the car for a new paint coat, preferrably the same color you have. You could get 200,000 more miles out of this car! Might as well look great in it. Since the body is in good shape, you could get yours done for a few hundred dollars. My body shop did a lot of prep work and that's why the paint job cost so much. Yours won't cost much at all.