4th Jun 2001, 14:42

Funny, minor repairs, for a 400 000km car, the 240 is an excellent tank.

Sorry for you, but go buy a 400 000km Honda, you will see what has rust and major problem.s

21st Jul 2001, 18:18

Hey, I'm usually a Mopar guy and I'm thinking of buying a Volvo. As much as I love Mopar, I've never seen one with mileage that high. You're pretty lucky. What makes things worse is that you probably drive it with the "Drive it like you hate it" mentality. It's still strived through that as well.

25th Jul 2001, 05:57

I'd be well chuffed if I'd bought a used car and that was all that needed attention. You should try buying a second hand Ford of comparable mileage and age to recalibrate your perceptions my son!

25th Aug 2001, 18:34

Did you ride a bicycle before you owned this car? That's the only thing on earth as old as your car which WOULDN'T have those problems you listed. Most cars need a new engine, transmission, and every other major component replaced at a little more than half the miles your car has now! Driving any car other than a Volvo will quickly realign your perceptions about unreliability.

10th Nov 2002, 17:59

Really, would your Ford go this far with the sort of abuse you no doubt give your Volvo? I somehow doubt it. Let's see, the only significant thing that has gone wrong with the car is the heater fan, as you feel the need to list blown light bulbs, so I'm wondering why you think it's a heap?

Perhaps it's not fast enough for you, not a convertible, not a four wheel drive, I don't know. But if you hate it so much when it has essentially performed faultlessly, why did you buy it? Volvos, especially 240s, are the most honest, reliable cars I have ever seen. If you don't like it's style, you simply shouldn't have bought it. There are lots of other heaps of garbage available that may appeal to you more...

2nd Oct 2003, 16:47

You tell a funny story. Good luck with your next car. If your willing to spend a heap, you can now get LED lights that might last over 400,000.

Happy Volvo Owner,


18th May 2008, 17:37

Hate to say this people but I think this is ment to be a joke. I thought it was quite funny.

18th Jul 2008, 08:07

I own an 83 240 GL wagon with 350,000km on the clock. I will be driving this car till I am too old to drive because nothing ever goes wrong with it (I service it regularly using the best oil and filters). As to globes, how many 2008 cars have a warning light on the dash that tells you that a globe has blown? I am now at the age where I would love to relive my youth with a sports car but can't bear to part with my faithful and reliable 240.